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**Students planning to register in the mathematics graduate program in 
2012-13 and who qualify to apply MUST apply for government scholarships 
in order to be considered for any university or departmental
funding.  Students exempt from applying are students who have 
secured NSERC funding in 2012-13.**

**Students applying for both NSERC and OGS applications need only 
order one original official transcript.  The original official transcript 
will be uploaded by Ida to the NSERC website and the hard copy will 
be included in the OGS application package.**



The Vanier CGS program aims to attract and retain world-class 
doctoral students by supporting students who demonstrate
both leadership skills and a high standard of scholarship achievement 
in graduate studies.

For more information, please visit  

Students must be nominated by the department and the department will 
have a nomination quota, usually 2.  
Canadian and international students are eligible to be nominated.

If you wish to be considered, please contact the math graduate office 
and submit an application by the deadline as follows:

Vanier website for eligibility requirements ,
and step-by step application instructions



- citizenship restrictions: must be Canadian citizen or 
Canadian permanent resident
- other eligibility requirements are listed at

NSERC APPLICATION WORKSHOP for students (St. George campus): 
Friday, September 16, 10-12, in SS2135, 100 St. George St.
(UTM Campus Workshop: Wed., Sept. 21, 10-12, William G. Davis Building, Room 3129; 
UTSC Campus Workshop: Thurs., Sept. 22, 1:10-3:00, New Council Chambers, Room AA160)

NSERC Video Tutorial for Students:

Application is completed on-line:


Step by Step Application Instructions:

- Students must order official updated transcripts from any university 
they have attended in North America.  Students can hand-deliver the 
sealed transcripts to the math graduate office by Wednesday, October 12, 
or request the transcript to be mailed directly to the unit by the deadline.  

- The Math University Designate who will upload the transcript(s) 
is Ida Bulat,

- Two reference reports on student are required.  Referees will be 
sent notification regarding the request for a reference.  
They must complete their reports on-line and must do so by 
the October 12th deadline. 


final date by which all students must submit their complete OGS 
application to the department.
After this date, the application will no longer be accessible on line 
by students (all printing of online applications must be done prior to 
this date as well).

10:00 - 12:00 noon, Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2135, 100 St. George St.


- no citizenship restriction

- overall average of at least an A-, or the equivalent, on the last 
20 one-term/semester courses for undergraduate applicants and beginning
graduate students Years 1 and 2; 
overall A- average on all graduate courses completed for senior graduate 
students (Years 3 and beyond)

Students must assemble the following documents and submit  by the deadline 
listed above:

1. completed OGS application (all pages printed)
2. application checklist
3. two academic assessment reports
4. statement of interest (for master's students) or plan of study 
(for doctorate students)
5. list of significant academic accomplishments
6. list of scholarships or awards
7. official/original Canadian or US university transcripts 
(undergraduate and graduate, if applicable)
8. transcripts from foreign universities, other than the US, 
will be copied by the department
9. copy of student study permit for international students

Unsuccessful OGS applications from domestic students will also be 
considered for Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships in Science and Technology 
in spring 2012. 
Students who have held 4 years of government scholarships and do 
not qualify to apply for an OGS can be considered for the QEII 
scholarship.  These students should submit
OGS paper applications by the October 19th deadline.

Please do not hesitate to drop my the math graduate office if you 
have any questions.

It is important that the deadlines listed above are met.
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Please note that the deadline to submit a complete application

OCTOBER 15, 2011

All information is available at

Please also note that applicants apply directly to NSERC and
not through the department.

If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

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The Ontario Graduate Scholarship Deadline has been posted by
the Ministry.  It is October 19th, 2011 and all material is available
on-line at

All mathematics graduate students who qualify to apply MUST apply
for the OGS in order to be considered for any university or
departmental funding for the 2012-13 academic year.

The more successful the department is in obtaining external funding, 
the more funds we will receive from the university to support students.

Though still early, it is wise to start the process as soon as
possible.  The deadline is fixed and will not be extended.

Thanks and I'll be e-mailing you again with reminders.

The 2011-2012 OGS adjudication process is in its final stages. 
Once the OGS Board has provided its final approval, the results 
will be available to students online in the first week of May.

Students are strongly encouraged to check their online status for 
the results as this is the fastest way. Letters will also be sent 
to students but at a later date. For students who applied on paper 
and don’t have a SIN, they can call the general inquiry line at 

What’s new this year for successful students is that they will have 
an online Confirmation of Acceptance available to them when they log in. 
In addition to this, successful students will only have until 
June 30, 2011 to confirm their acceptance. If they do not confirm by 
June 30, 2011, they will be considered as forfeiting their award.

Students placed on a reversion list (wait list) will be contacted 
before December 2, 2011, if they are selected for an award. They 
should not call the university or the ministry for their rank as this 
will not be provided.

Students who are unsuccessful are encouraged to apply again next 
year as each competition is unique and results can vary from year 
to year depending on the number of applicants.

MATH DEPT DEADLINE:  Monday, May 16, 2011

Through the generous support of various donors, a number of endowments
have been established at the School of Graduate Studies.  Each year
a number of internal awards are made available from these endowments
to provide support to graduate students.  This year, more than
15 endowed awards with various eligibility criteria and values are
offered within the 2011-2012 SGS University-Wide Awards competition.
Individual award descriptions and application forms can be found on
the SGS website

Complete applications must be received in the math graduate office by

Monday, May 16th, 2011.

The department will then forward the complete application
to the School of Graduate Studies.
If two or more apply for a given award, there will be an
internal ranking first and then the applications will be forwarded.
The School of Graduate Studies deadline is May 24.

Please note that some of the University-Wide Awards are identified as
OSOTF and are only open to eligible students who are Canadian citizens
or Permanent Residents.  Applicants for these awards must demonstrate
financial need by completing an OSOTF Financial Needs Assessment form
to include with the application for each award to which they are applying.

If you have any enquiries about the internal awards, please send them
to Tara Lock at the following email address:

Students can now view awards-announcements on “Ulife”:!!!!
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The University has just announced the deadline for the Doctoral Completion
Award for 2011-2012 to be April 27. We have been informed that late
applications will not be considered.

In order to meet the university’s deadline, we have set the departmental
deadline to

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011, 12 noon

This deadline is for both the student and the supervisor.

*** All current PhD4 students who are expecting to register in 2011-12
will be required to submit an application if they wish to be considered
for departmental funding, including TA-ships, and instructorships. ***

The number of awards to be assigned is not known yet. The award has a
value of $10,000 plus a tuition fee waiver (domestic or international).



DCA Student Application:

Please also attach a C.V. (not more than 3 pages).  The graduate office
will supply the required ROSI printout of transcript and a copy of the
last supervisory committee meeting report.


DCS Supervisor’s Evaluation:

In addition, supervisors are required to help in the department’s
recommendation form (please see attached).  Specifically, the following
parts of the form must be filled out by the supervisor (though they will
be edited later by the department):

1. Comments in support of the applicant’s academic merit and
quality of research.
2. Comments in support of the financial resources available to
support the applicant.
3. Comments in support of any unusual requirements of the
research that needed extended time or unforeseen events in
the research program that delayed its completion.
4. Overall comments in support of the applicant.

Hard copies of the application and recommendation form will be placed
in your mailboxes.

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MITACS Information Workshop
Tues, April 12th, 3-4pm. Fields Institute (222 College Street, Room 230). MITACS is a national research network funded by the federal and provincial government that connects Canadian researchers with companies and other organizations. Come learn about all of the program and funding opportunites provided by MITACS. There will also be sample case studies and a question and answer period.
Free pizza will be provided!
Please email with any questions about the event.
, ,
MITACS would like to inform you of two special funding opportunities for 
researchers in Ontario only:

Graduate training schools/Networking events
MITACS invites you to submit a proposal for an industrial graduate training 
school or networking event to be held in 2011. Eligible events should meet 
the following criteria:
Training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in an area of industrial 
need in any academic discipline
Contribution and/or participation of Ontario™s industry
1 day to 2 weeks in length
In an area of provincial importance (bioeconomy and clean technology, 
pharmaceutical research and manufacturing, information and computing 
technology, digital media, advanced health technologies, new and emerging 

For more information please click here. Applicants are invited to discuss their 
ideas prior to submitting a proposal by contacting 
Proposals should be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event and 
will be evaluated on an on-going basis.

One-Year Enhanced MITACS Accelerate PhD Fellowships

Enhanced MITACS Accelerate PhD Fellowships are being offered from 
MITACS. They are designed for PhD students enrolled at Ontario universities 
to undertake industrially focused research projects, while also developing 
professional skills. Valued at $40,000 over one year, this program will support 
PhD students pursuing collaborative research with an industrial partner, and 
also offer comprehensive training in professional skills through integrated 
specialized workshops and courses.

MITACS will make up to 40 awards across Ontario universities. Each award is 
of a one-year duration and must commence no later than September 15th, 
2011. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2011. 

MITACS Accelerate PhD Fellowships are open to all graduate students 
enrolled in a PhD program at an Ontario university. Eligible industry partners 
must be for-profit companies with operations in Ontario with the ability to 
have the fellowship holder spend time on-site for a portion of the year. The 
partner will contribute $15,000 in cash towards this award (payable to 
MITACS). The student must receive a minimum annual stipend of $30,000 
with the balance of the award (up to $10,000) available to the supervisor to 
cover eligible research costs associated with the fellowship.

Successful applicants will be offered four MITACS Step workshops focused 
on professional development over the course of the year. Course topics 
include project management, networking, presentation skills and 
communication skills. 

For additional information please contact or visit 


Gordana Krcevinac
Fellowships & Institutional 
 Grants Division

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Postgraduate CASE Studentship "Q-tensor theory and liquid crystal
displays" <>

Vacancy Reference:


STUDENTSHIP: EPSRC STANDARD STUDENTSHIP + �2000 per annum enhancement +
College and University fees.

Closing date for applications: 31 March 2011

Applications are invited for a postgraduate studentship, funded by EPSRC
and Hewlett Packard Laboratories, to work on "Q-tensor theory and liquid
crystal displays" with Professor Sir John Ball FRS from the Oxford Centre
for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (OxPDE), part of the
Mathematical Institute, and Dr Christopher Newton from HP Labs in Bristol.
 The student will be based in OxPDE
 ( ), but will regularly visit HP
 Labs ( ). The studentship is available for a
 1 October 2011 start and is subject to standard Doctoral Training Account
 rules for eligibility.

 Liquid crystals form an intermediate state of matter between isotropic
 liquids and crystalline solids, and as the working substance of many
 electronic displays  are of immense technological importance. In the
 future displays are likely to be based on novel liquid crystal effects,
 such as bi- or multi-stability, in which there are two or more stable
 states which are optically distinct and which can be switched between
 electrically.  The project concerns the analysis of the nonlinear partial
 differential equations of the Landau - de Gennes Q-tensor theory of
 nematic liquid crystals, and will build on the recent work done in Oxford
 on variational (and dynamic) tools for understanding the Q-tensor theory.
 This understanding will be developed to include the effect of applied
 electric fields, the existence and properties of stable configurations and
 how these depend on surface topography. The aim is to provide a sound
 theoretical underpinning that will guide the computational effort on new
 kinds of displays.

 The studentship is attached to the Queen's College, and accommodation will
 be available in the College for one year. The studentship covers a stipend
 of at least �15,590 per annum (which includes a �2,000 industrial
 enhancement), and College and University fees at the EU rate. The
 studentship is open to all EU citizens, but those from outside the UK are
 eligible for a fees-only award.

 The studentship falls outside the University's Gathered Field process.
 Applications should be made online at and should include a CV,
 covering letter, three references and a transcript of your undergraduate
 degree. Alternatively, applications (and references signed over the seal)
 can be sent to Margaret Sloper at the Mathematical Institute using the
 University's application form for graduate study, which can be downloaded
 from the above link. Applications must arrive by the end of the day on 31
 March 2011. Please quote the correct reference BK/11/007 in your covering
 letter. References can also be sent directly to Margaret (email by the closing date. For further details
 of the projects, including the application process, please see, or contact

 Oxford University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

 Emma Waters

 Project Manager

 OxMOS - New Frontiers in the Mathematics of Solids

 OxPDE - Oxford Centre for Nonlinear PDE

 Mathematical Institute

 1st Floor Gibson Building

 Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

 Woodstock Road


 OX2 6HA

 Tel: 01865-615117

 Mailing Address:

 Mathematical Institute

 24-29 St Giles


 OX1 3LB

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Below are the details  of the BMO Capital Markets Advanced Research Scholarship
program.Please share this with any PhD level candidates in Mathematics, Finance, or
similar, with a focus on any of the following topics;  Advanced Pricing Theory,
Advanced Risk Management techniques, Advanced Trading strategies relating to
Derivative Markets, and Market microstructure and trade execution.

About the Scholarship

BMO Capital Markets is looking for applications for its annual Advanced Research
Scholarship. The scholarship is funded by the Financial Products Group (FPG), and
supported research topics will be those relevant to FPG activities. Research
proposals are solicited on specific topics that include:

*   Advanced Pricing Theory
*   Advanced Risk Management techniques
*   Advanced Trading strategies relating to Derivative Markets
*   Market microstructure and trade execution

Research proposals will be accepted from PhD level candidates in Mathematics,
Finance, or similar. Students in their last year are also encouraged to apply; their
scholarship will be pro-rated for the time they stay at the University. Researchers
whose proposals are accepted will receive an honorarium. Researchers may
additionally be asked to acknowledge FPG and possibly to present the finished paper
at a conference or seminar organized by BMO. Each accepted proposal would receive an
honorarium of CAD $20,000. Larger and more ambitious proposals that may take more
than one year will also be considered.
Proposal submissions should include:

*   1-page summary proposal
*   Curriculum vitae
*   Relevant previous papers (web-links are acceptable)
*   Letters of reference from their thesis advisors

Interviews will be conducted with all finalists.

Successful applicants are encouraged to check the eligibility of their proposal for
a matching IPS award at the NSERC

The application deadline is November 1, 2010. Applications should be submitted to:

Dr. Dmitri Rubisov
Director, Financial Products
BMO Capital Markets
100 King Street West
3rd Floor Podium
Toronto, ON, M5X 1H3
Electronic submissions are also accepted at<>.
Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

For more information about the Scholarship please visit our website: