Arts and Science Academic Plan

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CPAD #22, 2011-12

Date:    24 October 2011

To:       All Faculty, Staff and Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science

From:   Meric S. Gertler, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science

Re:       Draft Academic Plan for discussion

In the spring, I indicated that I would be presenting the next draft of our
academic plan for consideration by the Faculty community.

This latest draft is the result of extensive consultations over the past
My colleagues in the Dean's Office and I have listened carefully to
questions and suggestions from students, faculty and staff at the many
meetings we have attended in departments, centres and institutes, at our two
public town halls, in our meetings with student groups, as well as in our
conversations with individual faculty and staff. The attached plan reflects
the themes, priorities and many constructive suggestions that emerged during
these extensive discussions.

The consultations have provided important opportunities for members of the
Faculty to express their views on the first draft planning document that was
released for consultation in July 2010. A number of the initial proposals
involving major organizational changes have been significantly revised,
building on constructive suggestions for alternative ways to achieve our
academic objectives. I have provided several updates to the Faculty during
past year in the form of periodic memos as well as monthly briefings at
Faculty Council meetings, in order to keep everyone apprised of our

The attached draft focuses on broad priorities. It also incorporates more
up-to-date information on our financial situation and undergraduate and
graduate enrolment figures. Ultimately, this plan is a snapshot in time of a
process that will continue to unfold over the following months and years.
specific initiatives arising from the academic plan that require governance
approval will, of course, go through the appropriate steps in the university

Faculty, staff and students have shown great passion and commitment in
their thoughts and suggestions to improve the quality of our teaching and
research and the experience we offer our students. I look forward to
continuing the conversation with this draft plan.

As part of our consultation process, I invite you to read the attached draft
plan ( and
provide your input. We will be discussing the document at the upcoming 31
October and 5 December meetings of Faculty Council
Comments and suggestions can also be sent to by
November 17. If you would like to meet, please contact us through this email
so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Once again, thank you to all those in the Arts & Science community who have
participated in the process to date. I look forward to your continued
, ,