GNAMPA-ERC Summer School

A Summer School in Calculus of Variations and PDEs will be held
in Ischia at Continental Terme Hotel
June 13-18, 2010

Invited Lecturers:

Luis Caffarelli, University of Texas at Austin
Regularity theory for quasilinear and fully nonlinear equations

Vicent Caselles, University Pompeu Fabra
The total variation model in image processing

Neil Trudinger, Australian National University
Regularity of weal solutions of Monge-Amper type equations and

Cedric Villani, Ecole Norm. Sup. Lyon
Smooth and nonsmooth geometrical aspects of optimal transport

Graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply
for financial support.

The application form for financial support and all information about
the school can be found on the website:

Organizers: Luigi Ambrosio, Nicola Fusco

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6:30pm – 12:00am

Hart House East Common Room

If you have talent and wish to perform, contact:

Artem ( or Richard (

The Mathematics of Arbitrage

Math Union Lecture

Professor Matheus Grasselli (McMaster University)

Wednesday, March 24, at 3:30pm in BA 1160

In this talk I will review the framework
underlying most of modern mathematical
finance, including the mathematical definitions
of assets prices, trading strategies, arbitrage
opportunities and fair prices. The goal is to state
the so called Fundamental Theorem of Asset
Pricing in different contexts, ranging from
simple markets with discrete time and finite
sample spaces to very general ones where
trading takes place in continuous time and prices
can jump by unbounded amounts. Whereas its
proof in the simple case requires nothing more
than undergraduate Linear Algebra (and some
ingenuity), the most demanding result requires
PhD level techniques and beyond.

Open to everyone, especially undergraduates!

Refreshments will be served beforehand at 3:00 on
the 6th floor math lounge.

Brought to you by the Math Union, your undergraduate student representatives.

June 28-July 16, 2010
University of Washington, Seattle

The Research Training Group in the Department of Mathematics at the University
of Washington will host a summer school for advanced undergraduates and
beginning graduate students on Inverse Problems & Partial Differential
Equations.  Students will attend lectures in the morning and problem sessions
in small groups with mentors in the afternoon. On-campus accommodation and
meals will be provided, plus a travel allowance of up to $500.  Two
mini-courses will be given:

Gunther Uhlmann, Peter Kuchment: The Radon Transform and the X-Ray Transform

Hart Smith: Orthogonal Bases and Multi-scale Analysis

Apply online by April 1 at

(The Summer School is supported by an NSF Research Training Grant. Support is
restricted to U.S. citizens/permanent residents. Applications from
international students may be considered, but international students must
provide their own support for travel, accommodation, and meals.)
Monday, March 22nd, 2010
12:10 - 1:00 p.m.
BA 2165, 40 St. George Street

Ph.D. Candidate:  Miodrag Sokic

Ph.D. Advisor:    Stevo Todorcevic

Thesis Title:  Ramsey property of posets and related structures

We study several classes of finite posets with linear ordering.
We examine these classes according to the Ramsey and the
ordering property. As application we give several new extremely
amenable groups of automorphism of countable structures and
compute several new universal minimal flows
for such groups. The technique that we develop is also
useful for studying classes of structures related to posets,
such as pseudometric spaces and quasi orderings.

A copy of the thesis can be found at

Everyone is welcome.
Departmental PhD Thesis Exam

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
12:10 - 1:00 p.m.
BA 2155, 40 St. George Street

Ph.D. Candidate:  Carlos Martinez Ranero

Ph.D. Advisor:    Stevo Todorcevic

Thesis Title:  Contributions towards a fine structure theory
               of Aronszajn orderings.

The purpose of this thesis is to add to the structure theory
of Aronszajn trees and Aronszjan lines. Focusing on the Gap-Structure
of Aronszajn trees I will give a detailed description of the
structure of Aronszajn lines under PFA.

A link to the thesis will be available shortly.  Everyone is welcome.
CYRC 2010
The 7th Annual Canadian Young Researchers Conference
in Mathematics and Statistics

A conference for graduate students in mathematics and statistics.

With guest lectures by John McKay and Jon Jacobson
University of Alberta, May 18-20, 2010


The CYRC is a unique and important opportunity for young mathematicians and
statisticians across Canada to collaborate and present their research to their
peers. All young academics involved in research in the mathematical and
statistical sciences are invited to the University of Alberta in May 2010 to
participate in scientific sessions on a variety of research topics in
mathematics and statistics. Participants will have opportunities to build and
strengthen personal and professional relationships, develop and improve
communication skills, and gain valuable experience in the environment of a
scientific conference.


We are very pleased and excited to announce that John McKay of Concordia
University (inventor of the field of mathematics known as "monstrous
moonshine") and Jon Jacobsen from Harvey Mudd College in California (a
well-respected former visitor to the U of A and expert in partial differential
equations) have agreed to be our plenary speakers for CYRC 2010. These two
distinguished mathematicians were selected by students at the U of A based on
their tradition of giving excellent talks, and will speak on topics of
relevance to all young mathematicians and statisticians.

The deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is May 1st.
Registration, campus accommodations, and all meals are provided free of
charge. Shuttles to and from the airport will be made available upon request.

Please contact Cody Holder ( ) with any questions or
concerns about the conference.

A one evening grief workshop for any U of T student who has experienced the
loss from the death of a friend, family member, or significant other.

Join us for dinner and a conversation on how we experience grief and the
types of resources that are available on campus and in Toronto.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Koffler Student Services Centre (Career Seminar Room)
214 College Street
Dinner provided

Please register online at:

Sponsored by the Campus Chaplains Association, Counselling and Psychological
Services, Health Service, and the Multi-Faith Centre.

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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 06:35:30 -0800 (PST)
From: Alejandro Adem <>
Subject: [cmath] Mathematical Modeling in Industry: Canada/Mexico/US event

*Opportunity for Graduate Students from Canada*

Three North American mathematical institutes: CIMAT, IMA and PIMS
are jointly organizing the following industrial training event which
is open to students from all over Canada:

Mathematical Modeling in Industry A Workshop for Graduate Students

to be held at CIMAT in Guanajuato, MEXICO, August 2-11, 2010

Space is limited and applications will be considered on a competitive
basis. The deadline is *April 16, 2010*. Students must apply online,
the website with full information is available at

Alejandro Adem.
Director, PIMS

Dear Math Students,

The Math Union will be hosting a general seminar* given by Professor Sivabal
Sivaloganathan of the Center for Mathematical Medicine at the Fields'
Institute for Mathematical Sciences on Friday March 5 at 4:30pm in Bahen

His talk will present some of the major challenges and advances in
biology of which mathematics has played an important role.  I hope you are
excited to hear this talk.  Professor Sivaloganathan is a wonderful speaker
and is sure to inspire awe and wonder for the field of mathematical biology
at every level.

Everyone is welcome.

Hope to see you there,

Richard Cerezo
Co-President, Undergraduate Math Union

Friday, March 5, 2010 at 4:30 pm in BA 1190

Mathematical and Computational Challenges in
the Biomedical Sciences

Speaker:  Professor Siv Sivaloganathan, University of Waterloo

Abstract:  It has become somewhat of a cliche to say that biology
will be to mathematics in the 21st century, what physics was to
mathematics in the 20th century.  However, it is not an
exaggeration to say that Mathematical Biology/Medicine
is growing more rapidly than any other area of science,
spurred on by numerous successes over the last few decades.
Although this talk will be quite general in nature, I will
give some examples of some of the successful applications of
mathematics to the biomedical sciences, and discuss the greater
role that can be played by mathematics as biology and
the biomedical sciences become more quantitative sciences.

Open to everyone. Refreshments will be served beforehand
at 4:00 p.m. on the 6th floor math lounge.