Enrolment forms due today

Just a quick reminder that enrolment forms are due today.
All students are required to complete one.

Forms are available in the mail room.



Reminder of Enrolment Form Deadline: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank you to all students who have already submitted their enrolments forms.

The enrolment form is available at http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/Assets/SGS+Digital+Assets/current/Student+Forms/Enrolment_Form.pdf or in the math mail room.

Please note:

1. form must be completed by all students! (exception: IVGRS students)

2. students in PhD Year 2 and beyond must complete the top and bottom parts of section 2 of the form. Students in PhD Year 2 should identify a supervisor.

3. course requests on ROSI are only approved after submission of the enrolment form. This is important for Blackboard access.

4. The drop deadline is MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2012. Please cancel any selection on rosi by this date and follow up with an add/drop form, available in the mail room and on-line at http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/Assets/SGS+Digital+Assets/current/Student+Forms/Add-Drop+Course.pdf




Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

If interested in this scholarship, please make sure you qualify
and then apply through the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship website
(http://www.vanier.gc.ca/eng/home-accueil.aspx).   Please scan/e-mail
or print your complete application and submit to me no later than
Monday, October 1st.  A departmental committee will review all
applications received and will be allowed to nominate only two
applicants.  Thanks.  Ida

Please note: this program is different from the regular NSERC postgraduate
scholarship program, which is  open only to domestic students.  
Info about this program will be coming up shortly.


(SGS Deadline: October 10th, 2012)

The Vanier CGS program aims to attract and retain world-class 
doctoral students by supporting students who demonstrate both 
leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement 
in graduate studies in social sciences and humanities, natural 
sciences and engineering, and health.

Canadian and international students are eligible to be 
nominated for a Vanier CGS. In an effort to support students in 
broadening their research horizons and seeking new challenges, 
the Vanier CGS program strongly encourages candidates to pursue 
their studies beyond the university that granted their 
undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students wishing to apply 
for a Vanier CGS must do so through the Canadian university 
to which they are applying for doctoral studies. 
The Vanier CGS Scholarships are valued at $50,000 per annum 
for a maximum of three years.

2013 Competition Timelines

October 1st, 2012:	Math Department Deadline
October 10th 2012:	Nominations due to SGS from Graduate Units (application goes off-line)
November 06th 2012:	UofT deadline to submit Vanier nominations to federal granting agencies
April 2012:		Communication of results to nominees by tri agencies

Eligibility for Nomination

To be considered for a Vanier CGS, applicants must:

- be nominated by only one Canadian university, which must 
have received a Vanier CGS allocation;
- be seeking financial support to pursue their first doctoral 
degree (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD);
- intend to pursue, in the summer semester or the academic 
year following the announcement of results, full-time doctoral 
(or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD) studies and research at the 
nominating university;
- have completed no more than 20 months of doctoral studies 
as of May 1, 2013 (see website);
- have achieved a first-class average (A-), in each of the last two 
years of full-time study or equivalent; and
- have not already received a doctoral-level scholarship or 
fellowship from NSERC to undertake or complete a doctoral degree 
(or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD). 

2012-13 Vanier Quota

The Vanier allocations for the University of Toronto are provided 
below. Accordingly graduate units may each submit the following 
number of Vanier applications to the School of Graduate Studies this year:

NSERC Agency
University Quota: 19
Mathematics Department Quota: 2

Vanier Application Process:

Please refer applicants to the Vanier website for eligibility requirements, 
nomination and step-by step application instructions;

Please note the following:

The ResearchNet application will be live and accessible by applicants 
until Oct 10th. Applicants have been instructed to contact their 
proposed graduate unit regarding internal deadlines and submission requirements.

Students may only complete one Vanier application and must choose 
to apply to for an NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR Vanier Award

Students will be expected to complete and electronically submit the 
online application to ResearchNet by the unit’s internal deadline

Students are required to provide the graduate unit with a paper 
copy of the complete application including all original transcripts 
(a current  UofT transcript is required of all registered UofT students)

Please remind students to request transcripts and complete the 
“Identify Referee” task on ResearchNet well in advance. 
Referee assessments must be completed and submitted to ResearchNet 
before students can submit their application.

The students’ proposed research project and doctoral program of 
study must be eligible within the mandate of the agency to which 
the nomination will be submitted. If in doubt, or the application 
involves interdisciplinary fields of research, or disciplines that 
span the mandates of two or more of the federal research granting 
agencies, students are urged to seek confirmation in advance of 
submitting their application. Additional information on mandate and 
subject matter eligibility is available on the Science.gc.ca website.
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NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships – deadline October 15, 2012

Applicants apply directly to NSERC.  For more information, please
visit the website:  


An important change is now in effect:

Effective as of the 2013 competition, you can only apply once to the 
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships (PDF) Program; however, applicants whose 
first PDF application was submitted prior to the 2013 competition may submit 
a second application provided they are within the eligibility window.

It is vitally important now that you apply at the right time for this
fellowship, i.e. there are no second chances.  The right time would be
at the very least with one publication under your belt.  Competition is 
quite stiff.  Please discuss a strategy with your PhD advisor.

Good luck to all who apply.
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Welcome and Important Info for Academic Year 2012-13

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students and
a warm welcome back to returning students.

The following information will pertain to all students, returning and
new, and I hope you all take a moment to read the few items below.

1.  We have a new graduate coordinator.  Prof. Dror Bar-Natan left his post
on August 20 and he has been replaced by Professor Almut Burchard. Her
office is located in Room HU1024, 215 Huron St.  She is easily reachable
after her real analysis core class on MWF at 1 pm.  The class takes
place from MWF 12-1 in BA 6183.

2.  If you have not registered yet through rosi or by completing a
fee deferral form, please see me immediately.

3.  Classes commence on Monday, September 10, 2012.

3.  Enrolment forms (due September 19, 2012), available on-line at


and in hard-copy format in the math mailroom (BA 6290A),
must be completed by ALL students, even students not registering in courses.
For students registering in courses, the course requests are made at
www.rosi.utoronto.ca, followed by submission of the enrolment form
to Ida for course approval.

Please note:

a) if you wish to take a course from another department for degree
credit or non-degree credit, you may need their approval.
To do so, please bring your enrolment form to the other department for their signature
and then return to Ida.

b) if you wish to enrol in an undergraduate course for non-degree credit, please
note that a final grade of less than 70% will be converted to a failing grade for
graduate students. Many undergraduate courses have long waiting lists and it is
suggested you request for such courses as soon as possible.

c) If you need guidance in your selection of courses, please come to see Ida.
There will be a math graduate student orientation session (see further info below)
where faculty members will present their course offerings.

4.  Orientation sessions:

a)  School of Graduate Studies Orientation
    Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 8:45 am - 4:00 pm

b)   Teaching Assistant Orientation (mandatory for all TA's)
     Friday, September 7, 2012, from 1:00 pm, in BA 1130, 40 St. George Street

c)   Math Graduate Student Orientation
     Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 4:10 - 6:00 p.m., in BA 6183
     Pizza and cold drinks will be served in the Math Lounge at 3:30 pm. 
     A visit to a local pub will take place after this event and a free
     beer for all who attend.
     An itinerary will be available soon.

5.   I will not inundate you with further info at this date but will be in touch
     again with important information.  Your attention to this information will
     be much appreciated.

Thanks and I am looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again soon.
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2012-2013 CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements

Award Announcement

TO: Divisions I, II, III & IV – Graduate Coordinators, Graduate Administrators

FROM: Katie Lindeman, Award Officer, Federal

DATE: August 16, 2012

RE: 2012-2013 CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements for CGS Award holders


The Canada Graduate Scholarships—Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements (MSFSS) provides financial support to current Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) recipients to study abroad for a portion of their study program. Eligible students holding a CGS award may receive up to $6,000 for travel and accommodation to any eligible foreign university or research institution in the world.


Fall 2012 Deadline to SGS: Friday September 21st 2012

Eligible candidates must submit their completed paper application and all supporting documents in hard-copy to the Graduate Awards Office by 4:00 pm. A list of required documents to be included is provided below.

Instructions for Graduate Units

While the University is assigned a maximum quota, there is no departmental quota for this award. Please have all eligible applicants submit their application directly to the Graduate Awards Office.

Competition Quota

Each federal agency has determined a quota of applications that the University of Toronto is permitted to put forward. Thus please note, not all complete and eligible applications will be forwarded if the number of application received exceeds the allocated quota.


To be eligible to apply for this funding opportunity, you must:

·         be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada by the application deadline;

·         be registered at an eligible Canadian institution at the time of application;

·         undertake your proposed trip abroad no earlier than the competition deadline date, and no later than the last day of your CGS award tenure;

·         research study period abroad must be for a minimum of three months to a maximum of six months.

·         not hold or have held any other CGS-MSFSS during the course of your graduate studies; and

·         have accepted or hold one of the following awards:

ü  a master’s- or doctoral-level Frederick Banting and Charles Best CGS (CIHR);

ü  a master’s- or doctoral-level Alexander Graham Bell CGS (NSERC);

ü  a master’s- or doctoral-level Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS (SSHRC); or

ü  a Vanier CGS.


To remain eligible during the research study period abroad, you must:

·         hold an active CGS award at the time your research study period abroad starts;

·         be registered full time in a graduate research studies program at a Canadian institution for the duration of your research study period abroad;

·         take up the award within one year of receiving the notice of award for the CGS-MSFSS; and

·         return to complete your degree in Canada.


Value and Duration

The value of the CGS-MSFSS is up to $6,000, based on the information and budget justification provided in the application. Supplements are non-renewable.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit their completed application in hard-copy to the Graduate Awards Office. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Each application package must contain the following items:

1. Application Form:

Your submitted application must bear your original ink signature on the front page. Applications received by email or fax are not accepted. Please obtain your MSFSS application from the website of the granting council of which you hold your CGS award.

NSERC: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/OnlineServices- ServicesEnLigne/pdf/CGS-MSmith-FSS_e.pdf

CIHR: http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/documents/fss_form_fillable_e.pdf

SSHRC*: https://webapps.nserc.ca/SSHRC/faces/logonFellowships.jsp?lan%20g=en_CA

*please note, you will be required to log in using your SSHRC account to access the application


To complete the application form, you will require the following information:


Host Supervisor Information:

the name and contact information of the host supervisor, and name and location of the foreign institution where you intend to pursue your research/study activities


a budget that provides estimates for costs of travel, living and other expenses during your research study period abroad (to a maximum of $6,000).You may include an additional one page attachment to further detail your proposed budget.


2. Intended Research Plan:

a maximum 2-Page description (this includes all references and citations) of your intended research activities during your research study period abroad (including objectives, methodology, timelines and expected outcomes), an indication of how this relates to your main graduate research topic, and a description of the potential benefits that you will derive from working at, or attending, the host institution in relation to your current research objectives.

3. Two Letters of Support:

letters must be submitted in signed and sealed envelopes, or emailed or faxed directly from the Supervisor to the Graduate Awards Office. Letters may only be a maximum of 1-Page in length, and must be submitted on official letter head. Any translations must be performed by a certified translator.

a) one letter from your current U of T Supervisor. Your supervisor must include a justification or explanation as to why this research travel is required to complete your thesis or dissertation; and

b) one letter from the host Supervisor. This letter must come directly from the host Supervisor, a letter of admissions as a visiting scholar is not sufficient. Additionally, this letter must detail any resources they will be able to provide you with – e.g. supervising time, equipment, access to labs, libraries, etc. and any additional financial support.

4. Consent Form:


All applicants are required to submit a signed copy of the Consent to Disclose Personal Information form. Please find the document at the following sites:

NSERC: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/_doc/Students-Etudiants/ConsenttoDisclosure_e.pdf

CIHR: http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/797.html

SSHRC: http://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/forms-formulaires/pdf/Consent_to_Disclosure-Consentement_a_la_divulgation-e.pdf


More Information

Please contact the council administering your CGS award for more information.



CGS-MSFSS Research Training Portfolio SSHRC

350 Albert Street P.O. Box 1610

Ottawa, ON K1P 6G4

Tel.: 613-943-7777

Email: fellowships@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca


CGS-MSFSS Scholarships and Fellowships Division NSERC

350 Albert Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 1H5

Tel.: 613-995-5521 Email: schol@nserc-crsng.gc.ca

CIHR CGS-MSFSS Research Capacity Development CIHR

160 Elgin Street Ottawa, ON

K1A 0W9

Tel.: 613-954-1968

Email: CGSMSFSS@cihr-irsc.gc.ca



Katie Lindeman

Awards Officer (Federal)

School of Graduate Studies

University of Toronto

63 St. George Street, Room 202

Toronto, ON M5S 2Z9

P: 416-978-8260  F: 416-971-2864




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PIMS Postdoctoral Fellowships 2013 – 2014: Call for Nominations


The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) invites nominations of outstanding young researchers in the mathematical sciences for postdoctoral fellowships for the year 2013-2014. Candidates must be nominated by at least one scientist or by a department (or departments) affiliated with PIMS. The fellowships are intended to supplement support provided by the sponsor and are tenable at any of its Canadian member universities: the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, the University of Calgary, the University of Lethbridge, the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria, as well as at the PIMS affiliate, the University of Northern British Columbia.

For the 2013-2014 competition, held in January of 2013, the amount of the award will be \$20,000 and the sponsor(s) is required to provide additional funds to finance a minimum total stipend of \$40,000.

Rankings of candidates are made by the PIMS PDF Review Panel based on the qualifications of the candidate, potential for participation in PIMS programs and potential involvement with PIMS partners. PIMS Postdoctoral Fellows will be expected to participate in all PIMS activities related to the fellow’s area of expertise and will be encouraged to spend time at more than one site. To ensure that PIMS Postdoctoral Fellows are able to participate fully in institute activities, they may not teach more than two single-term courses per year.

Nominees must have a Ph.D. or equivalent (or expect to receive a Ph.D.) by December 31, 2013 and be within three years of their Ph.D. at the time of the nomination (i.e., the candidate must have received her or his Ph.D. on or after January 1, 2010). The fellowship may be taken up at any time between September 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014. The fellowship is for one year and is renewable for at most one additional year.
Deadline for complete nominations/applications: DECEMBER 1, 2012

For further information and application procedures, visit: www.pims.math.ca/scientific/postdoctoral.


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Humboldt Colloquium, November 2-4, 2012, Call for Papers


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation promotes academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany. To this end, it grants more than 700 research fellowships and research awards annually to individual researchers who become life-long members of an international network of alumni, the so-called “Humboldtians”. As a gathering of the Humboldt community in Canada, the Humboldt Colloquium “Excellence in Research” in Toronto will celebrate the German-Canadian partnership in research and will explore current trends in the making and funding of excellent research in all fields of research in both Germany and Canada.


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has a strong history and special commitment of promoting excellent young researchers and supporting their building of international careers and academic collaborations. Therefore, we wish to involve a group of approximately 50 researchers in the meeting who are not members of the Humboldt community yet but may wish to become fellows in the future. The Session for Early Career Researchers will give prominent space and attention to this group, allowing them to present their current work to more senior and established Canadian researchers with strong international experience and connections. The format will be a combination of presentations and a poster session. Advanced PhD students and scientists and scholars who received their PhD degree fewer than 6 years ago may participate in the full three-day event and may seek personal advice on specific sponsorship opportunities from the representatives of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and its partner organizations, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Max Planck Society (MPG) and possibly Canadian organizations.


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will cover the costs for the participation of early career researchers in the program and grant a lump-sum conference allowance of 150 CAD for participants attending from outside Toronto.


Applications will be accepted until 7 September under the link provided in the attached call. All applications will be reviewed by a committee of Humboldt alumni as well as staff of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The selection of the participants will be based on the abstracts, biography and list of publications submitted. All applicants will be notified by the first week of October.

Application:  https://mi.conventus.de/online/avh-toronto-earlycareer-2012.do?code=cbH%3FBRoG

Deadline:  September 7, 2012

Candidates seeking more information about the event should visit the website provided in the call. Should institutional partners be interested in attending the session and presenting their sponsorship or career opportunities, we kindly ask that they contact the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation:


Bianca Brinkmeier, Conference Management
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Jean-Paul-Straße 12
53173 Bonn
Phone: +49 (228) 833-205
E-Mail:            bianca.brinkmeier@avh.de

With kind regards from Katrin Amian and myself,

Maria-Bernadette Carstens-Behrens
Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung/Foundation
Abteilung Foerderung und Netzwerk/Sponsorship and Network
Jean-Paul-Str. 12
53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Tel: 0228-833-426
Fax: 0228-833-217
Office hours (part-time):
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fr: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Tue: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

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Graduate Workshop on Symplectic and Contact Topology

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the Fall 2012 the Simons Center will be hosting a Graduate Workshop on Symplectic and Contact Topology. The workshop will be organized by Drs. Mohammed Abouzaid (Columbia) and Yakov Eliashberg (Stanford), and will be held from October 15 – 19, 2012 at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics.

This workshop is open for applications, and we encourage all to apply to attend, and for financial/travel assistance. Please feel free to pass this message along to anyone you feel may be of interest. To apply to this workshop, please click here: http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/apply

This graduate student workshop will be associated with the program in Symplectic Topology at the Center during the Fall of 2012. The workshop will be organized by Yakov Eliashberg and Mohammed Abouzaid (both in residence at the Center for the Fall semester). There have been tremendous advances in Symplectic Topology and Contact Topology over the last 10 years with the introduction of Floer theory and symplectic field theory. Symplectic (co)homology is one of the simplest invariants to arise out of these deveopments, and has, since its introduction, been responsible for several breakthroughs in symplectic topology (construction of exotic symplectic structures and study of Lagrangian embedding), contact dynamics (Weinstein conjecture on the existence of Reeb orbits) and mirror symmetry (construction of mirrors of Lie group action). The goal of this workshop is to introduce graduate students to developments in the study of the symplectic topology of Stein manifolds via pseudo-h olomorphic curves, with a focus on symplectic cohomology. The first part of the workshop will consist of student lectures about the basics of holomorphic curves and Floer homology, culminating in the construction of symplectic cohomology, and its computation in the simplest examples. These lectures will be followed by lectures by the organizers and others senior mathematicians in residence who will provide perspective on the applications of the theory, and its interaction with related mathematical fields.

For more information, please see our website link: http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/3978


SGS University-Wide Awards 2012-2103

Through the generous support of numerous donors, a number of endowed awards have been established at the School of Graduate Studies. This year, more than 15 awards with various eligibility criteria and values are offered within the 2012-2013 SGS University-Wide Awards competition. The application, individual award descriptions and submission instruction sheet can be found at


Departmental of Mathematics deadline: MONDAY, MAY 7, 2012
– Please submit completed application to Ida.
– The Mathematics Department has a quota of 3 submissions per award.
– The Mathematics Department falls under Division III.

Complete and submit one 2012 University Wide Award application form


and one reference letter only; these may be used for multiple awards. Indicate on the Application Cover Sheet, the individual awards for which you are eligible and would like to be considered for by your graduate unit. Please refer to the application instructions


for further details. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The University-Wide Awards identified as OSOTF are only open to eligible students who are Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents of Canada or Protected Persons and demonstrates financial need as indicated on a completed Financial Needs Assessment Form. Students must meet all the requirements of the specific award in addition to the OSOTF requirements.

Inquiries on these awards should be forwarded to university.awards@sgs.utoronto.ca

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