Wednesday, March 24, 2021
11:00 a.m. (sharp)

PhD Candidate:  Larissa Richards
Supervisor:   Ilia Binder
Thesis title: Convergence rates of random discrete model curves approaching SLE curves in the scaling limit


Recently, A. Kempannien and S. Smirnov provided a framework for showing convergence of discrete
model interfaces to the corresponding SLE curves. They show that given a uniform bound on specific
crossing probabilities one can deduce that the interface has subsequential scaling limits that can be
described almost surely by Löwner evolutions. This leads to the natural question to investigate the
rate of convergence to the corresponding SLE curves. F. Johansson Viklund has developed a framework
for obtaining a power-law convergence rate to an SLE curve from a power-law convergence rate for the
driving function provided some additional geometric information along with an estimate on the growth
of the derivative of the SLE map. This framework is applied to the case of the loop-erased random
walk. In this thesis, we show that if your interface satisfies the uniform annulus condition proposed by
Kempannien and Smirnov then one can deduce the geometric information required to apply Viklund’s
framework. As an application, we apply the framework to the critical percolation interface. The first
step in this direction for critical percolation was done by I. Binder, L. Chayes and H.K. Lei where they
proved that the convergence rate of the Cardy-Smirnov observable is polynomial in the size of the lattice.
It relies on a careful analysis of the boundary behaviour of conformal maps and their discrete analytic
approximations as well as a Percolation construction of the Harris systems. Further, we exploit the
toolbox developed by D. Chelkak for discrete complex analysis on isoradial graphs to show polynomial
rate of convergence for the discrete martingale observables for harmonic explorer and the FK Ising
model to the corresponding continuum objects. Then, we apply the framework developed above to gain
a polynomial convergence rate for the corresponding curves.

A copy of the thesis can be found here:  LarissaRichardsThesis


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