2017 Award Winners

We will celebrate the significant contributions of this year’s award winners during our reception in the Math lounge on Wednesday, June 7 starting at 3:10 p.m.

F. V. Atkinson Teaching Award for Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Payman Eskandari (working with Kumar Murty)

Daniel B. DeLury Teaching Assistant Awards

  • Andrew Colinet, student of Robert Jerrard
  • Ozgur Esentepe, student of Ragnar Buchweitz
  • Yvon Verberne, student of Kasra Rafi

Ida Bulat Teaching Awards for Graduate Students

  • Ivan Khatchatourian, student of Stevo Todorcevic
  • Fabian Parsch, student of Alex Nabutovsky
  • Asif Zaman, student of John Friedlander

We thank the faculty members, undergraduate students and course instructors who took the time to submit their nominations for the various awards.

The awards committee received many praiseful comments about our TAs and CIs. Outstanding work is being done by them; we can take pride in their performance.

Congratulations to Payman, Andrew, Ozgur, Yvon, Ivan, Fabian, and Asif!  Graduation-Awards-Invitation


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