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Thursday, September 8, 2016
11:10 a.m.

PhD Candidate:  Louis-Philippe Thibault
Supervisor:  Ragnar Buchweitz
Thesis title: Tensor product of preprojective algebras and preprojective structure on skew-group algebras



We investigate properties of finite subgroups $G<SL(n, k)$ for which the skew-group algebra $k[x_1,\ldots, x_n]\#G$ does not have a grading structure of (higher) preprojective algebra. Namely, we prove that if a finite subgroup $G<SL(n, k)$ is conjugate to a finite subgroup of $SL(n_1, k)\times SL(n_2, k)$, for some $n_1, n_2\geq 1$, $n_1+n_2 =n$, then the skew-group algebra $R\#G$ is not Morita equivalent to a (higher) preprojective algebra. Motivated by this question, we study preprojective algebras over Koszul algebras. We give a quiver construction for the preprojective algebra over a basic Koszul $n$-representation-infinite algebra. Moreover, we show that such algebras are derivation-quotient algebras whose relations are given by a superpotential. The main problem is also related to the preprojective algebra structure on the tensor product $\Pi:=\Pi_1\otimes_k  \Pi_2$ of two Koszul preprojective algebras. We prove that a superpotential in $\Pi$ is given by the shuffle product of  superpotentials in $\Pi_1$ and $\Pi_2$. Finally, we prove that if $\Pi$ has a grading structure such that it is $n$-Calabi-Yau of Gorentstein parameter $1$, then its degree $0$ component is the tensor product of a Calabi-Yau algebra and a higher representation-infinite algebra. This implies that it is infinite-dimensional, which means in particular that $\Pi$ is not a preprojective algebra.

A copy of the thesis can be found here: ut-thesis-Thibault


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