Congratulations to the 2016 awards winners and graduate scholarships recipients.

F. V. Atkinson Teaching Award for Postdoctoral Fellows

  • AndrĂ© Belotto da Silva (working with Ed Bierstone)
  • Anton Izosimov (working with Boris Khesin)

Daniel B. DeLury Teaching Assistant Award

  • Tracey Balehowsky, student of Spyros Alexakis and Adrian Nachman
  • Beatriz Navarro Lameda, student of Kostya Khanin
  • Nikita Nikolaev, student of Marco Gualtieri
  • Asif Zaman, student of John Friedlander

Inaugural Ida Bulat Teaching Award for Graduate Students

  • Payman Eskandari, student of Kumar Murty
  • Tyler Holden, student of Lisa Jeffrey
  • Beatriz Navarro Lameda, student of Kostya Khanin

CI Teaching Excellence Award

  • Peter Crooks, student of Lisa Jeffrey and John Scherk

Vivekananda Graduate Scholarship for international students

  • Huan Vo, student of Dror Bar-Natan

Canadian Mathematical Society Graduate Scholarship

  • Zhifei Zhu, student of Rina Rotman

Coxeter Graduate Scholarship

  • Anne Dranovski, student Joel Kamnitzer

International Graduate Student Scholarship

  • Chia-Cheng Liu, student of Joel Kamnitzer and Alexander Braverman

Margaret Isobel Elliott Graduate Scholarship

  • Shuangjian Zhang, student of Robert McCann

We thank the faculty members, undergraduate students and course instructors who took the time to submit their nominations for the various awards.

Congratulations once again to André, Anton, Tracey, Beatriz, Nikita, Asif, Payman, Tyler, Peter, Huan, Zhifei, Anne, Chia-Cheng, and Shuangjian!


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