PHY 2407HS: Nonperturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory
Instructor: Mohamed Anber

Description: This course is devoted to a discussion of nonpertubative methods in quantum field theory, usually not covered in regular classes on the subject. We will discuss solitons, domain walls, vortices, monopoles, and instantons as well as quantum fluctuations and fermions in their background. Further, we will discuss the relation of instantons to quantum anomalies, their role in the breaking of global symmetries, and the generation of mass gap and confinement. Physical examples will include QCD, QCD-like theories as well as examples relevant to cosmology and condensed matter systems.

Prerequisite: Quantum Field Theory I.

Recommended Preparation: Quantum Field Theory II OR familiarity with basics of path integral, renormalization and one-loop calculations.

Organizational Meeting: Wednesday Jan 9th, 2:00 p.m., Room MP505, 255 Huron St.


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