Please respond immediately if you have not yet indicated an interest in being considered for the summer schools listed below.

Please also note that the school that was not yet finalized in the last e-mail,

July 29, 2013 to August 9, 2013
Mathematical General Relativity in Cortona, Italy
( ,

will only consider students at US institutions.

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To: All graduate students

Re: 2013 MSRI Summer Graduate Schools



Students must be nominated by the department to be able to participate in the following workshops. As U of T is a full-level academic sponsor of MSRI, the department can nominate two students per summer and a third if at least one of them is female or from a group that is underrepresented in the mathematical sciences. If you wish to be considered for nomination, please provide Ida with the following information as soon as possible:

Your Name:

Your supervisor’s name (if you have one):

Your e-mail address:

Summer School Name:

Short Justification as to why attending the summer school is good for your program of study:


This coming summer MSRI is hosting three summer graduate schools in Berkeley, CA and co-sponsoring two* additional schools at off-site locations:

Algebraic Topology June 17 – 28, 2013 at MSRI

Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures 201 Physics and Mathematics of Link Homology June 24 – July 5, 2013 in Montréal, Canada

IAS/PCMI Summer 2013: Geometric Analysis June 30 – July 20, 2013 in Park City, Utah

New Geometric Techniques in Number Theory July 1 – 12, 2013 at MSRI

Introduction to the Mathematics of Seismic Imaging July 29 – August 9, 2013 at MSRI

* There is a strong possibility that we will be offering one additional international summer school. We will send you more information when we receive confirmation.


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