Dear Students,
The Symposium will take place from October 15 to 18, 2012 at the Fields Institute.
All talks are tailored to those generally interested in mathematics.
Public Opening Ceremony of the Fields Medal Symposium
October 15, 2012, 7PM-9PM
Pre-reception for students: Hart House Music Room (5PM-6:30PM)
Registration (free, but required):
Special Program for Students
October 16, 2012, 7PM-9PM
Pre-reception for students: Fields Institute’s Stewart Library (5:45PM – 7PM)
Registration (free, but required):
Questions may be asked live via Twitter,
Note: If we reach capacity, we will set up overflow rooms but you can also watch online by following the webcasts. The link for two special events’ webcasts can be found by following the More Info links.
Also to note: The Scientific portion of the Symposium can be watched live, here Unfortunately you only have the option of watching it live since the archived videos will not be immediately posted.
You can also follow us online by
The blog and Twitter account will be updated several times each day of the symposium on relevant topics to the talks taking place. Please leave comments there relevant to the material.
Program Summary
The Fields Medal is the highest prize in mathematics, established in 1932 by UofT Professor J.C. Fields. It is not a lifetime achievement award like the Nobel Prizes, but it was established to encourage mathematicians, under the age of 40, to continue paving the way for new mathematical ideas.
Ngô Bào Châu is one of the Fields Medalists awarded at the 2010 International Congress  of Mathematicians. The Inaugural Fields Medal Symposium will be hosted at the Fields Institute to celebrate and extend Ngô’s research.
Ngô won the medal for proving the Fundamental Lemma of the Langlands Program using brilliant geometric ideas. Ngô’s work is built on ideas of UofT Professor James Arthur’s mathematical work in the program. The overarching goal of the Langlands Program is to unite many different areas of mathematics.
The inaugural Fields Medal Symposium has been organized as a celebration of these mathematical ideas with the hope that the next generation of mathematicians will be motivated to explore these questions. We are hosting talks by the world’s leading experts in Number Theory, Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry,  and Mathematical Physics.  This includes one of the  recipients of the $3M Fundamental Physics Prize, Edward Witten of the Institute
for Advanced Study.
All talks are tailored for students and young scientists interested in surveying ideas of general mathematical interest.
The October 16 panel discussion featuring many prominent mathematicians will be hosted at the institute, specifically for high school and undergraduate students (but all are invited). The discussion will be preceded by two talks that give context to the topics of the panel. Another feature of this year’s symposium is a public ceremony featuring talks by Ngô and UofT Professor James Arthur. The symposium activities will also be webcasted  online for viewers around the globe.
The Fields Medal Symposium is being inaugurated by Director of the Fields Institute and UofT Professor Edward Bierstone. The symposium has secured sponsorship from Great West Life as a Gold Level Sponsor and James Stewart as a Silver Level Sponsor. The institute will continue to host the symposium series on an annual basis.
Hope to see you there,
Fields Institute

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