Beginning with the 2013-14 year, the University of Toronto will become responsible for the intake, processing, adjudication and awarding of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) on behalf of the Province of Ontario. Although the OGS awards will be administered by the University of Toronto, it is still considered to be an external award.

The School of Graduate Studies will provide each graduate unit with an allocation of domestic OGS awards. The allocation is calculated based on an 85% weighting of previous OGS success rates (a 3-year average) combined with a 15% weighting of overall graduate population. Allocations will be provided to units in October

A competition for the visa student OGS applications will be centrally adjudicated by SGS in the winter session. Deadlines and quota information will be provided in an Award Announcement. Units will receive a quota for number of submissions from the Graduate Awards Office in late fall.

The value of the OGS Award remains at \$10,000 for a 2-term award and \$15,000 for a 3-term award. Graduate units remain responsible for contributing 1/3 of the overall award value.

The School of Graduate Studies will develop a centralized on-line OGS application available to prospective and returning students in November 2012.

Prospective students may submit a single application to multiple U of T graduate units.

We’ll keep you all posted when further information becomes available.

Ida and Jemima


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