Mathematical Modeling in Industry: A workshop for graduate students

Date: June 18, 2012 - June 27, 2012

Location: University of Calgary

Projects and Industry Mentors: 

There will be 7 teams participating in the workshop.

1) Dr. Izhak Baharav (Corning Inc)

2) Dr. Efrossini Tsouchnika (Siemens AG)

3) Dr. Jon Downton (Hampson-Russell Software & Services, A CGGVeritas Company)

4) Dr. Anthony Kearsley (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

5) Dr. Laura Lurati (Boeing)

6) Dr. Steve Jiang (Center for Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies, University of California- San Diego)

7) Dr. Hu Zhang (Royal Bank of Canada)


1) Touch Sensing, Silhouettes, and "Polygons-of-Uncertainty"

2) Validation of Service Concepts for Oil Drilling by Simulation

3) Azimuthal Elastic Inversion for Fracture Characterization

4) Identifying Sugars

5) Multi-Objective Design of a Fuel Tank

6) Interactive Treatment Planning in Cancer Radiotherapy

7) Valuation of Over-the-Counter Derivatives with Collateralization

For abstracts and talk materials please see the IMA Project Abstracts.


The IMA, in collaboration with PIMS, is holding a 10-day workshop on
Mathematical Modeling in Industry in Calgary, Canada. The workshop is
designed to provide graduate students and qualified advanced
undergraduates with firsthand experience in industrial research.


Students will work in teams of up to 6 under the guidance of a mentor
from industry. The mentor will help guide the students in the modeling
process, analysis and computational work associated with a real-world
industrial problem. A progress report from each team will be scheduled
during the period. In addition, each team will be expected to make an
oral final presentation and submit a written report at the end of the
10-day period.

How to Apply:

Students interested in applying should consult the IMA project descriptions then 
apply using the IMA application template.

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