Hello everyone,

Professor Marek Stastna from University of Waterloo
will be visiting the Atmospheric Physics Group at the physics department
next week and will be the first of the Atmospheric physics Noble seminar
series this year.
Professor Stastna's talk will be next Monday (September 19) at 4 pm in
Mp609 (see below for more info) and we would like to invite you to attend
this seminar.
Coffee,tee and cookies will be served on Monday at 3:50 in the
coffee/printer room on the sixth floor.

Ali Mashayek (on behalf of the Atmospheric Physics Noble Committee)

Link to the event page:
Link to Marek's web page:

Title and abstract:The benefits of high order methods for simulating
internal wave dynamics: from the lake scale to bottom boundary layer

The presence of a stable density stratification is the fundamental
property of both the atmosphere and natural bodies of water on scales 
ranging from those associated with small-scale turbulence to those large
enough so as to be affected by the Earth's rotation.  In this talk I will
discuss the numerical simulation of stratified fluid dynamics with a focus
on internal wave processes.  I will describe the benefits of high-order
methods, both for purely numerical simulation and for instances where it
is coupled with semi-analytical theory to derive new results.  In
particular I will discuss fully nonlinear trapped waves over topography,
the instability of the bottom boundary layer beneath internal solitary
waves and the weakly  non-hydrostatic dynamics of small to mid-sized lakes
such as those  typically found on the Canadian Shield.  Throughout, I will
introduce  the necessary technical vocabulary and will attempt to explain
the reasons for the various mathematical developments.

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