Dear All,

Please come!

The Math Department will be holding its annual Graduate Orientation
Session this Monday (September 12) starting at 4PM at Bahen 6183. We will
have some short presentations by various dignitaries, and then a sequence
of mostly 3-minute course descriptions by professors in our department,
with some pizza and pop at 5PM. The anticipated approximate subject to
change tentative schedule will be:

4:10 Introduction by Prof. Kumar Murty, Chair of the Mathematics Department.
4:15 GSU/MGSA representative, Alexander Dahl.
4:20 SGS / Office of Student Life representative, Jennifer Pinker.
4:25 Dror Bar-Natan, Graduate Coordinator (also speaking for Ida Bulat and
     Emile LeBlanc).
4:35 Let's Talk Science representative, Nika Shakiba.

4:40 Prof. Lisa Jeffrey.
4:45 Prof. Man-Duen Choi.
4:48 Prof. Ilia Binder.
4:51 Prof. George Elliott.
4:54 Prof. Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz.

5:00 Pizza and Pop at the Math Lounge.

5:15 Prof. Jim Arthur.
5:18 Prof. Almut Burchard.
5:21 Prof. Florian Herzig.
5:24 Prof. Balint Virag.
5:27 Prof. Boris Khesin.

5:33 Dr. Daniel Moskovich.
5:36 Prof. John Bland.
5:39 Prof. Robert McCann.
5:42 Prof. Michael Yampolsky.

You might think the session will end at 5:45. Past experience suggests that we
will have some delays, and we will actually go on until 6 or maybe even later.


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