Used Math Books for Sale

Used Books

Artin Algebra $50
Dummit & Foote Abstract Algebra (3rd Ed) $50
Eisenbud Commutative Algebra $25
Garling A Course in Galois Theory $20
Grove Algebra $2
Halmos Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces $20
Knapp Basic Algebra $50
Knapp Advanced Algebra $45
Lang Algebra (Revised 3rd Ed) $40
Matsumura Commutative Ring Theory $35
Reid Undergraduate Commutative Algebra $25
Shilov Linear Algebra $2
Weibel Homological Algebra $35

Bartle The Elements of Integration $20
Bartle The Elements of Real Analysis $25
Benedetto & Czaja Integration and Modern Analysis $40
Bollobas Linear Analysis (2nd Ed) $20
Conway A Course in Functional Analysis (2nd Ed) $35
Gamelin Complex Analysis $35
Greene & Krantz Function Theory of One Complex Variable (3rd Ed) $35
Haaser & Sullivan Real Analysis $2
Knapp Basic Real Analysis $40
Knapp Advanced Real Analysis $30
Lang Analysis II $40
Lang Complex Analysis $35
Morrison Functional Analysis $25
Pedersen Analysis Now $40
Pugh Real Mathematical Analysis $25
Radjavi & Rosenthal Simultaneous Triangulation $25
Rockafellar Convex Analysis $25
Rordam et al K-Theory for C*-algebras $20
Royden Real Analysis (3rd ed) $35
Rudin Principles of Mathematical Analysis (3rd Ed) $45
Rudin Real and Complex Analysis (3rd Ed Hardcover) $70
Tolstov Fourier Analysis $2
Wojtaszczyk Banach Spaces for Analysts $35

Differential Equations
DiBenedetto Partial Differential Equations (2nd Ed) $30
Gelfand & Fomin Calculus of Variations $2
Strogatz Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos $30

Bishop & Goldberg Tensor Analysis on Manifolds $2
Bott & Tu Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology $45
Lee Riemannian Manifolds $40
Lee Intro to Smooth Manifolds $40
Milnor Morse Theory $30
Petersen Riemannian Geometry (2nd Ed) $40
Pressley Elementary Differential Geometry $20
Reid Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry $20
Tu An Introduction to Manifolds $30

Lie Groups
Duistermaat & Kolk Lie Groups $40
Faraut Analysis on Lie Groups $40
Knapp Lie Groups Beyond and Introduction (2nd Ed) $45
Knapp Semisimple Lie Groups $45

Statistics and Probability
Deift Orthogonal Polynomials and Random Matrices $30
Deift & Gioev Random Matrix Theory $30
Hogg, McKean & Craig Intro to Mathematical Statistics (6th Ed) $60
Klenke Probability Theory: A Comprehensive Course $40
Milton & Arnold Intro to Probability and Statistics $40
Rosenthal A First Look at Rigorous Probability Theory $20
Schay Intro to Prob and Stat with Stat Apps $20
Shiryaev Probability (2nd Ed) $50
Weiss A Course in Probability $50

Edwards Pascal's Arithmetical Triangle $4
Havil Gamma: Exploring Euler's Constant $4
Walecka Introduction to General Relativity $25

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