SGS Award Announcement  

2011-2012 CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements for CGS Award holders

The Canada Graduate Scholarships—Michael Smith Foreign Study 
Supplements (MSFSS) provides financial support to current Canada 
Graduate Scholarship (CGS) recipients to study abroad for a portion 
of their study program. Eligible students holding a CGS award may 
receive up to $6,000 for travel and accommodation to any eligible 
foreign university or research institution in the world.

Fall 2011 Deadline: Friday September 23rd 2011 (4pm)

Eligible candidates should submit their completed paper application 
and all supporting documents directly to the Graduate Awards Office by 
4:00 pm.

A list of supporting documents to be included is provided below. 
Printable applications are available on the respective 
agencies’ website.

To be eligible to apply for this funding opportunity, you must:

be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada by the 
application deadline;

be registered at an eligible Canadian institution at the time of 

undertake your proposed trip abroad no earlier than the competition 
deadline date;

not hold or have held any other CGS-MSFSS during the course of 
your graduate studies; and have accepted or hold one of the following:
a master’s- or doctoral-level Alexander Graham Bell CGS (NSERC);
or a Vanier CGS. 

To remain eligible during the research study period abroad, you must:
hold an active CGS award at the time your research study period abroad 
starts; be registered full time in a graduate research studies program at 
a Canadian institution for the duration of your research study period 
abroad; take up the award within one year of receiving the notice of 
award for the CGS-MSFSS; and return to complete your degree in Canada. 

Value and Duration 
The value of the CGS-MSFSS is up to $6,000, based on the information and 
budget justification provided in the application. Supplements are 
non-renewable. The defined research study period abroad to be covered 
by the supplement must be for a minimum of three months to a maximum 
of six months.  

Application Process
Qualified applicants must complete and assemble all necessary 
documentation and submit in hardcopy to the Graduate Awards Office at 
the School of Graduate Studies by the above deadline.

You will be required to provide the following documents:

1.      Application Form - available from NSERC website. 
This application must have your original signature – scanned, 
faxed and emailed signatures are not eligible.

2.      Host Supervisor Information -  the name and contact information 
of the host supervisor, and name and location of the foreign 
institution where you intend to pursue your research/study activities;

3.      Intended Research Plan - a maximum 2-Page description (this 
includes all references and citations) of your intended research 
activities during your research study period abroad (including 
objectives, methodology, timelines and expected outcomes), an indication 
of how this relates to your main graduate research topic, and a 
description of the potential benefits that you will derive from 
working at, or attending, the host institution in relation to your 
current research objectives;

4.      Budget - a budget that provides estimates for costs of travel, 
living and other expenses during your research study period abroad 
(to a maximum of $6,000).

5.      Two Letters of Support - One letter from your current U of T 
Supervisor and one letter from your host Supervisor.  Letters must be 
1-Page in length, on official letterhead, bearing an original signature, 
and include details of their support of your research study period abroad.
Host supervisors must also indicate that they have the resources 
available (e.g., financial, if any; supervision time; equipment; 
library access; etc.) to support your planned research activities.  
Letters of admission confirming your registration as a visiting 
scholar are not sufficient.  Any translated documents must be 
performed by a certified translator.  Letters should be collected by 
the applicant in a signed sealed envelope  and provided along with all 
other supporting documents to the GAO

More Information

Please address questions about this funding opportunity to:

University of Toronto, 
Graduate Awards Office 
Erin McMahon, Award Officer Federal
63 St. George Street, Room 203 

Scholarships and Fellowships Division
350 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON  K1A 1H5 
Tel.: 613-995-5521

Please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions,

Erin McMahon 
Awards Officer, Federal 
University of Toronto, 
School of Graduate Studies 
63 St. George Street, Toronto ON, M5S 2Z9 
P: 416-978-8260 F: 416-971-2864

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