The absolute deadline to add summer reading/research courses and/or
graduate course from other departments to your program is Friday, May 13th 

For the master's students who have not yet enrolled in their
supervised research project, I will add the course MAT 4000YY
on ROSI.  What still is required is the completion of the following
two forms:

1.  add/drop form

    please note: enrolment in courses from other departments requires
    the other department's approval.  

2.  reading and/or research course form

Hard copies of the forms above are available in the mailroom.

The second form requires the signature of the course/project supervisor.
This form will also provide the subtitle info which I will
then add to your course listing on ROSI. 

If you are having any difficulty securing a supervisor for the master's
project or a reading course, please let me know.


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