Dear Colleagues,
We are writing to announce a program on quantization that will run at 
Notre Dame from May 23 to June 10 of 2011.
This program is the first year of a new mathematics center at 
Notre Dame.  We apologize if you have received several copies of 
this email.
The program website is at
The program consists of 3 parts:
(1) Summer School for undergraduates, May 23 to May 28.  Students will 
study the Hamiltonian formulation of mechanics and quantization, and 
will then be introduced to semiclassical analysis of quantum systems.  
A good background in calculus with proofs, ODE, and linear algebra 
is sufficient.  Please encourage undergraduates you know to apply.  
We will pay travel and local expenses for all admitted students.
(2) A summer school for graduate students and postdocs, from May 31 
to June 4, which will include lectures by 5 experts. Please encourage 
people you know to apply for support and/or register on the summer 
school website, especially grad students and postdocs.
(3) A conference from June 6 to June 10 on mathematical aspects of 
quantization, with approximately 20 one hour talks.  See the 
conference website for information on registering and applying for support.
Best regards,

Sam Evens
Michael Gekhtman
Brian Hall
Xiaobo Liu

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