Joe Geraci, the speaker at the event below, is a Math Dept
PhD grad and is now a scientist at the Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network.

The University of Toronto has undertaken a series of seminars, 
geared towards providing information and dialogue about careers, 
for third and fourth year students, called Backpack to Briefcase (B2B). 
This series is extremely important for third and fourth year 
students who are now asking themselves, "What can I do with 
my Mathematics Degree?"

The final event for this year is our Three Things Cocktail Party.

We invite you to join a group of other alumni and be present to 
respond to students query as they mingle at the event.  The main 
presentations will be on three key things that graduates should 
be aware of. In the past, our panelists speak of their own 
professional growth and zero in on three things they view as 
important. This year Joe Geraci has agreed to be the 
representative speaker for the Math alumni.  After the talks, 
students mingle and speak with past alumni and panelist.

Tuesday, March 8
5:30 to 7:30 pm
Faculty Club
Upper Dining room
41 Willcocks Street

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