2010 Income Tax

This coming April all students employed during the 2010
calendar year will be required to file income tax forms.

The deadline to file is APRIL 30TH, 2011.

Required to file your taxes are 

- 2010 Income Tax Forms 

Hard copies will be available at Canada Post
offices, the U of T's International Student Centre, Graduate
Student Union; e-copies are downloadable from the Canada
Revenue Agency (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/formspubs/t1gnrl/on-eng.html)
and probably some other sites.

For information on free online tax filing go to UFile.ca
The Canadian Federation of Students has negotiated an agreement 
with UFile.ca to provide free online tax preparation to all 
Canadian post-secondary students.

- T4-slips showing TA-income will be mailed to you.  *** If you have moved
in the past year and you have not notified me or the accounts person,
please do so now.  The address change you would have made on ROSI
does not transfer to the system that handles your TA employment. ***

- T4A-slips showing scholarship, bursary, fellowship, etc.
should be available on the Student Web Service, www.rosi.utoronto.ca
after January 7

- Tuition & Education Amount Certificates, (T2202A), will be available 
on the Student Web Service, www.rosi.utoronto.ca after February 21

The GSU and the CIE (Centre for International Experience, formerly known
as the International Student Centre) normally offer workshops to help with the filing
of forms. Please review their websites for further information.

If it's your first time filing Canadian income tax forms and you have
questions, your best bet for answers is from
your fellow students who have filed before. Of course, I will
try to help in any way.


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