There will be a general orientation session for all Math TAs on

Friday, September 10

1–2PM                BA 1180

Reserve the time: hopefully it is in the Bahen Bldg., on the ground floor, downstairs from the Math. Dept.

The session is compulsory for all TAs in Mathematics (including the math courses in

Engineering).  It will tentatively include:

  • Introduction by the  Undergraduate Coordinator (A. Igelfeld)  < 5min
  • Remarks by a representative of  the Office of Student Academic Conduct, on cheating and invigilation
  • Remarks by Ms. Paddy Stamp, University Sexual Harassment Office
  • Remarks by the Writing Instruction TA
  • Remarks by  (Associate Chair, Undergraduate)
  • Remarks by a CUPE rep.    15 min

Some courses with multiple tutorials have scheduled their first TA meeting with supervisors, to hand out materials and discuss course-specific issues, at

2–3 PM the same day. Other supervisors may choose to do the same and their choices will be announced at the 1 PM session.

Break up by courses:                  Location

  • MAT133Y                            BA 2155
  • MAT135Y                            BA 1170
  • MAT137Y                            BA 2165
  • MAT223F&224F                 BA 2175 or as will be announced

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