Some important items ...


Please note the following:

1) For students writing the upcoming core course exams,
   the schedule of exams appears on the graduate timetable:

   Not listed yet is the PDE II (MAT 1061HS) exam.

   Students not registered in the course(s), but wish to
   take the exam for partial comprehensive credit, should
   contact me.

   Good luck to all writing!

2) Instructors have been notified to submit their final
   grades for this term's courses on

                     April 30th, 2010

   If you require an extension, completion of a course extension form:
   is required, along with the signatures of
   the instructor and graduate coordinator.
   The deadline to submit an approved form is April 30th.

3) The departmental deadline to enrol in the Master's Supervised
   Research Project and/or individual reading/research course

                May 7th, 2010

   Completion of two forms is required, hard copies will
   be made available in the mailroom:

   Course add/drop form:

   Reading and/or research course form:

   The course number for the master's project is MAT 4000YY.
   I will assign the course number for any reading course.
   I will also be responsible for adding these courses to
   your program on ROSI.

   Please see me if you need advice about securing a master's

4) A reminder to PhD students in Years 2 onwards that their
   PhD progress reports are due on April 15th. If you and
   your supervisor do not think you will meet this deadline,
   please let me know in advance.

Thanks and a good long weekend to all!




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