Please donate your time: Sunday February 7, 1-3:30 pm

To: faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students

Dear Colleagues,
February 7, 12 teams participate in Math Battle. We need 12 judges, and only 8 have been found

Among them are undergrads and grads from Math Dept (and 2 guys from Engineering). We need 4 more: faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students!  All could be without any experience (they will be paired with experienced Judges).

Toronto Math Battles (problem-solving competitions organized for high school students) have been running for 10 years under the  auspices of  the Department Mathematics, U of T.  This event is very popular among high school students, that we have about 20 teams who register for the event every year (although we do not advertise widely).

February 7 is going to be the first Math Battle event of this season for 12 teams who got through qualifier.

For this event we need volunteers (people with mathematical background) who can serve as Jury ( 2 Judges for each game). We already have 8 judges who responded to our invitation (among these are undergrad and grad students of Math Department and Engineering ), but we still need 4-5 volunteers.

Please, consider the possibility to donate talent, time, and enthusiasm for the younger generation. In case you decide to volunteer for this event, please advise Olga Ivrii at

Schedule of the day (February 7):  By 10:00am teams appear at BA 2135 (HeadQuarters).

10:00am Captains get the problem sets and lead their teams to assigned rooms for a 3-hour preparation.

By 1pm Judges go to BA 2135. Final paring so that in each pair of Judges one is with experience.

At 1:10 Judges go to assigned rooms and Battles start.

Usually, it take about 2 hours per game, but can take longer.


  1. All Judges will receive Problem Set& Solutions (in advance).
  2. Rules of Math Battle can be found at:

Experience shows that Math Battles are memorable event not only for the participants, but for Judges as well.


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