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The departmental servers all appear to be working fine after the updates.  The mail and web servers were back before 4:30pm, but coxeter took slightly longer (less than 5 minutes) due to the large number of updates.

Please see the message about the (complete, non-backed-up) removal of the 215 Huron servers and files on 2011aug03.

Here is the list of accounts at 215 Huron which are not also coxeter accounts:

akelbert artur dukes gaidash georg jay jrobert kiefte libland magnusa mashas mbrav miriam mrogers salafiac solaris sylvain yangchao yfeler zavosh

All the files belonging to those accounts will be removed, without backups, very soon.  See the posting titled “Removing old servers and computer files from 215 Huron on 2011aug03” for more information.


We will be removing the old servers from 215 Huron on Wednesday August 3, 2011.  All the old files and backups on those systems will be permanently removed without backup.  These servers were used for the Dynamical Systems lab and for people who used the machines in the computer labs on the 10th floor of 215 Huron.  An email with subject line:

Old 215 Huron servers will be wiped out on 2011aug03

will be sent to all accounts on those servers shortly.  Since the account names on those servers were not kept synchronized with the usual departmental account names, a link to a list of account names on those systems which are not also coxeter accounts is on this IT Status blog in a posting titled “Non-coxeter accounts at 215 Huron“.

If you have any files on the 215 Huron servers there that you wish to keep it is up to you to move them to a new location before Aug 3, 2011.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at requests@math.toronto.edu if you need help copying your files or determining if you have files there.


The departmental servers all appear to be working fine after the updates.

The departmental blogging server, blog.math.toronto.edu, has been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (3.1).

The lw3 printer (in BA6200) was replaced last week and is working properly.  It is the same model as lw2 but is somewhat newer.

The lw3 printer (in BA6200) has been temporarily replaced by an older model while we await its replacement (in approximately two weeks).

It is highly recommended that you use the lw2 printer (in the mailroom, BA6290A) if you have any important printing, since that printer is much more reliable.

The departmental servers all appear to be working fine after the updates.

The blog server was upgraded to the latest version of WordPress today as well.

The departmental servers coxeter, sphere, and the mail, web, and blog/wiki servers will have a few software updates applied today (Wednesday) afternoon (January 12, 2011) which will require rebooting. Since some updates will be applied while the servers are still up there may be some temporary issues with some software. We hope that any such issues will be minor and by doing most of the upgrading without bringing systems down the shorter downtime will be worth the potential minor problems. Please restart any programs if you observe problems during the upgrades (and please let us know at requests@math.toronto.edu, so we can investigate). We expect the systems to be back to be back up by 5pm.