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The following is from UofT’s IT Security people (Quick Summary: upgrading to the latest versions of iOS and MAC OSX will fix this serious security problem, but that does mean going to iOS7.0.6 for iPad and iPhone users, which many people have avoided):

There has been a recently discovered flaw in Apple products
which affects how SSL certificates are validated.

Apple has just released a patch for OSX (10.9.2), please
update all OSX devices ASAP.

More details about OSX 10.9.2 are available here:

If you haven't already patched iOS devices (iPhone, iPad,
etc), please update to 7.0.6 ASAP.

More details about iOS 7.0.6 are available here:

You can test if your device is vulnerable by visiting this site:

For those interested in the details of the vulnerability itself,
there's a good writeup here:

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