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A Kensington Wireless Presenter Pro with Green Laser Pointer in now in a small black carrying case in the drawer beneath the computer in the Seminar Room (BA6183).  The USB wireless receiver is stored inside the pointer (on the top near the back; there is a small indentation for pulling it out with one’s finger).  Please be careful with the receiver when plugging it into computers; if it breaks then the pointer will be much less useful.

This pointer has an on/off switch on the side and four buttons.  The top button is for the laser pointer, the left for Previous, the right for Next, and the bottom is supposed to turn the screen off, but this doesn’t always work.

(Image from the publically available Instruction Guide for the pointer.  If Kensington has any copyright concerns about this image then please let us know and it will be removed.)

Currently there is information about this pointer on the Kensington website at this URL.  As always with any laser, do not stare into the beam or shine the light into other people’s eyes.


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