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There is a new command on coxeter called spamfiltering_gui which is a simple graphical interface to change email spamfiltering options (there is a command line interface called spamfiltering).  You can change three options via this new interface:

Aggressiveness from 0 (off) to 9 (extremely aggressive).  This controls how many messages will be put automatically in your SuspectedSpam folder, instead of being delivered to your main mailbox.  This is based on an estimate of the likelihood that a message is spam.

Autoexpire can be off or on, and if it is on you can choose how many days to leave messages in the SuspectedSpam folder before they are deleted by the system.

Autodelete can be off or on.  This automatically deletes messages which are judged as being spam with probability 99% or 100%.  It is highly recommended that this be left on, which is the system default.


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