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Dear Students,

For the eighth consecutive year, the Fields Institute will open its doors to undergraduate and high school students for one of the most exciting mathematics student events in Toronto: the Student Night of the Fields Medal Symposium (FMS).

This year’s FMS will honour Artur Avila (Fields Medal 2014) and explore the current and potential impact of his work. His Student Night talk, titled Being a Mathematician, offers aspiring mathematicians an opportunity to ask questions about choosing mathematics as a career. How do researchers choose an area of study? What do they do when they fail? How do they attack a problem? Have a different question? Come and ask!

The Student Night offers a unique opportunity for interaction between students and a Fields Medallist, meant to inspire an appreciation of the beauty and scope of mathematics. It’s also fun! This popular event typically gathers 150 eager students and has become a favourite annual tradition.

Talk Title: Being a Mathematician


Have you ever wondered about what it’s really like to be a mathematician? How do researchers choose an area of study? What do they do when they fail? How do they attack a problem? Have a different question? Come and ask! In this Student Night, open to students of all ages, Avila will speak about his life and work as a mathematician and Fields Medallist. He invites all young people curious about turning a passion for mathematics into a career and welcomes students to come with their own questions about being a mathematician.

6-9 pm on November 5, 2019

The Fields Institute (222 College St., Toronto, ON)

First-come, first-served seating, subject to venue capacity.

Register here:


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