EXCITE Panel Talk

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Dear Students,

It is a pleasure to introduce the EXCITE Panel Talk to you, an event with four C-level UofT alumni speakers. If you have similar questions below, you may want to check the registration link at the bottom:

“I want to change the world, and where should I start?”

“How to find the opportunities and grasp them?”

“What kind of things I can try to make my university life more meaningful?”

When we talk about the future and career pathways, there are moments that we feel lost and need guidance from wise people. At EXCITE Panel Talk (Oct 5th 2-4 p.m.), the questions you concern may be addressed by the speakers. After registering for the event, you will get a link to list out all the questions you have, and we will pass on the information to our speakers. Who are the guest speakers? They are: (following the alphabetical order)

CIO of Apotex Inc. (Largest Canadian owned pharmaceutical company)

Partner of IBM (Leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company)

CEO of ImmunoBiochem (Advocated to unmet medical need in oncology)

Founder of SheEO (fundraising of $4M with 53 ventures)

You can see more details about the event in EXCITE Panel Talk Information Package

Please notice that seats are not guaranteed due to the room capacity. Only first 100 students will get the seat. For registration, you may click here: Excite Panel Talk Registration

If you’d like to learn about this event, you may also check the Facebook page.

Thank you for reading this post, and we wish you all the best!


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