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To: Faculty Members and Students
From: Ed Barbeau

The nineteenth annual University of Toronto Undergraduate Mathematics Competition was written on Sunday, March 10. I would like to thank Kathleen Smith for looking after invigilation at Scarborough College and Alfonso Gracia-Saz for reviewing the top papers.
Thirty-eight students wrote the competition.

The contest paper along with the solutions can be found at


Itai Bar-Natan (V Math) and Samuel Li (I Math) tied for first place.

Dmitry Paramonov (IV CSc) placed third.


I Honorable Mention (listed in alphabetical order
Richard Chow (III AppMath)
Jennifer Guo (III EngSci)
Chen Yi (I Math)
Yinjun Zheng (I AppMath)


II Honorable Mention (listed in alphabetical order)

Rafael Aznar (IV Math)
Tal Brenev
Patrick Chatain (I Math)
Qingyuan Chen (III Math-Ec&Fin)
Steven Chow (I EngSci) Kohava Mendelsohn (IV Math)
Yukai Zhong (I MathPhys)


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