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The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto is now accepting applications for summer internships. The application period began on January 29 and will end on February 22. You will need to register at the internship portal, apply for those jobs you are interested in, and submit your selection before the deadline.

There are two programs, this summer:

Exploring New Ventures (IMC392Y)
This experiential learning course allows students to explore the inner working of new venture companies. The majority of the course consists of a placement with Toronto-based start-ups, with oversight from the Impact Centre. In-class activities facilitate the application of entrepreneurial tools to develop the students’ entrepreneurial skills.


Science and Engineering Technical Summer Internship (CCR approved)
This co-curricular program provides students the opportunity to develop their technical skills (either science or engineering based) by working with an early stage start up in Toronto. The program also includes dedicated workshops to enhance students’ professional development.

For those interested, find more information and apply here:


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