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Event:                                  Industry Talk
Date:                                    February 28, 2018
Time:                                    6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location:                              MacLeod Auditorium – Medical Science Building Room 2158  -1 King’s

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Decision makers across the global finance industry look to Bloomberg to deliver timely political, business and financial information and insight. Today, a large part of this insight is derived using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The practice of AI at Bloomberg presents its researchers with the unique challenges associated with building low-latency, high-precision, and highly-available systems that need to find needles in haystacks of data. Among its vast portfolio of innovative products, the Bloomberg Terminal has provided ways for investors to sift through the stream of tweets in order to discover financially-relevant content, deliver Knowedge Graph-based analytics, and enrich news with advanced custom-tailored metadata like sentiment, trends, and topics. In this talk, Igor Malioutov will introduce some of the different problems that we solve using AI at Bloomberg. He will provide an overview of the cutting-edge AI research and also touch on Bloomberg’s machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and infrastructure that have been developed as part of Bloomberg’s AI team.

About the speaker:
Igor Malioutov is a research scientist in the NLP platform team at the Bloomberg AI group, working on core NLP problems ranging from syntactic parsing to coreference and relation extraction. Prior to that he was a Ph.D. candidate at MIT’s CSAIL Laboratory, developing computational approaches for the Minimalist Program, a grammar formalism devised by Noam Chomsky. He is a 2004 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and holds a Masters in Computer Science from MIT and a Bachelors in Computer Science and Mathematics from Northeastern University. His research, published in venues like ACL and Interspeech spans syntactic parsing, language acquisition, and speech processing among other language processing problems. He has held internships at the Google Machine Translation team, Microsoft Research NLP Group, BBN Technologies Speech Group, and Amazon as a Machine Learning Scientist intern working on Amazon’s Echo Natural Language Understanding device. His interests include formal linguistics – syntax and semantics, NLP — machine translation, parsing, and applications to speech processing and recognition.




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