NSERC Summer 2018

The Department is pleased to announce that we will be offering seven (7) NSERC scholarships for summer 2018



NSERC scholarship application procedure & Deadline –  Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Printed copies of application documents must be returned to the Department of Mathematics before this deadline.




  1. Contact an eligible supervisor and make appointment to speak with him/her.
  2. Print and take along an unofficial transcript to the meeting
  3. Secure supervisor agreement
  4. Order transcript
  5. Take transcript to Undergrad Administrator, Donna Birch in Math Department for validation
  6. Complete the online forms and upload validated transcript
  7. Print documents
  8. Use checklist to make sure your application is completed accurately
  9. Return the five documents listed above to the Department
  10. Await department’s decision.  A committee of four or five professors review each application and rank all the applications

Documents to be submitted

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Original copy of transcript
  4. Student Supervisor Certification
  5. Checklist (Marking off each checked item. Please write your name on this form)

 Applications must be submitted online and then be printed for submission to Research Services. Those prepared by any other means (e.g., handwritten or manually typewritten) will NOT be accepted.




 USRA application information will be captured from the NSERC On-line System. Therefore, all applications MUST be completed by students and their supervisors online  (https://ebiz.nserc.ca/nserc_web/nserc_login_e.htm)



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