COMC volunteer markers!

Calling all COMC volunteer markers!

What is the COMC?

The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge is Canada’s premier math contest, run by the Canadian Mathematical Society. The top 50 scorers will be invited to write the Canadian Math Olympiad, which will inform the selection of Canada’s International Math Olympiad Team. 

What is U of T’s role?

The U of T Math Department is the marking centre for the lion’s share of COMC booklets, just under 4000 booklets. We will mark all the English booklets for Ontario and Quebec and all the French booklets from across Canada.

What’s new this year?

This year we will be using Crowdmark to mark the exams. This means less data entry and the flexibility to mark from your preferred location. We’ll still provide some marking parties for those who want a social marking experience or to get started on their marking with people around who can answer questions.

What do volunteers get out of this?

·         Work towards a co-curricular record entry. Volunteer hours spent on COMC marking (including scanning and data entry) can be put towards a co-curricular record entry for “Mathematics Outreach.” This will be appended to your academic transcript. You could do all 10 hours on the COMC, or pick up some hours on the COMC and other hours on other Math Outreach activities.

·         Experience with Crowdmark software, now frequently used to manage tests for large courses.

·         Experience grading math tests.

·         The satisfaction of being a part of a monumental community effort to support younger students in their love of math.

What will volunteers do?

·         Scanning — checking packages from each school, recording information in a tracking spreadsheet, and feeding stacks of documents into a photocopier.

·         Marking — assigning marks to solutions on Crowdmark with the aid of an answer guide.

·         Data Entry — typing out the name, email, and grade level of contestants using a handy piece of software to make the job easier.

What’s the timeframe?

Scanning can start as soon as we have volunteers. All contests must be fully marked and processed by Dec 1.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the form at the following url to indicate your interest:

We will follow up by email as soon as possible to get you started.


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