New One Program

New One: Learning without Borders

Looking for a different kind of elective course? Want the opportunity to acquire the critical skills necessary for success at U of T?  The New One program offers students the opportunity to work closely with dynamic faculty and fellow students, and provides enhanced support to meet university expectations in research and writing.

New One students choose from 4 half courses each term on topics that are part of our daily life. In those classes, New One students acquire key academic skills by exploring the backstory of common activities such as the food we eat, the languages we speak, the technology we depend on, and/or the science that is part of our everyday lives. Classes in New One will involve field trips, community events, guest speakers, as well as lectures.

For further information:

The New One classes take place on Thursdays from 1-4 p.m.  The courses cover Breadth Requirement #3, Society and its Institutions. If you are interested in New One,  e-mail:

Application deadline …………………. July 12th

Late applications may be mailed to after that deadline.


Information about our courses can be found in:



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