Fulkerson Prize Winner

Our hearty congratulations go to László Lovász and Balázs Szegedy this year’s Fulkerson Prize winners.

The Fulkerson Prize is one of the most prestigious prizes in discrete math and it is awarded every three years.

From their website: “This award is sponsored jointly by the Mathematical Optimization Society (formerly the Mathematical Programming Society)  and the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Up to three awards of US$1500 are presented at each (triennial) International Symposium of the MPS.”

This year it went to László Lovász and Balázs Szegedy for their paper on the “Limits of dense graph sequences”

A full list of winners, including this year’s, can be found here

The prize was announced on August 18, 2012 at the  International Symposium on Mathematical Programming in Berlin.


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