Massey College Residence


Massey College welcomes applications for the 2012-2013 academic year from 
students who are pursuing either graduate or professional degrees at the 
University of Toronto.

The College offers much more than a residence; it provides a unique, 
congenial and intellectual environment for graduate students of 
distinguished ability in all disciplines to share in a rich and stimulating 
community. In addition to students affiliated with the College, 
members of the College community include distinguished senior scholars 
and eminent members of society beyond the academic world. Relationships 
among all members of the community are encouraged and fostered by a 
variety of College events and programs, including biweekly High Table 
dinners throughout the academic year. A College choir, sports teams, 
chapel services and several social events all contribute to our warm and 
vibrant community. The College is a partner with the CBC and House of 
Anansi Press in the annual Massey Lecture, and also coordinates the annual 
Walter Gordon Massey Symposium.

We accept both resident and non-resident graduate students as Junior 
Fellows. Non-residents are included in all activities offered at the 
College and are welcome to use our dining hall, library and study carrels 
as well. Our facilities for residents consist of a bedroom and adjacent 
private study, with meals included.

The deadline for applying is May 1st. Information and a description of 
the application process is available from our website at

Inquiries can be directed to:
Mary Graham
, ,