Binghamton University Graduate Conference

Binghamton University Graduate Conference in Algebra and Topology (BUGCAT) will be held on November 3rd.

Now in its fifth year, the BUGCAT is a venue where algebra and topology graduate students in all stages of their research can present their work, practice giving talks, and network with other mathematicians.  This year’s keynote speech will be given by Dr. Mladen Bestvina, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at the University of Utah.

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February 22-23 2011
Mcleod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building
University of Toronto
Free Registration
Science Illustrated is a two day symposium dedicated to helping early-career
scientists (graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) of all disciplines
visualize their science better. The goal of the symposium is to help
scientists create better visualizations to do better research, as well as to
communicate their findings to their peers and public. Attendees will leave
the symposium with a practical sense of how to better visualize their data
Sessions include:
* A keynote on creating compelling scientific visualizations from Thomas
Lucas, Director/Producer of National Geographic's ³Monster Black Holes² and
NOVA's ³Hunt for the Supertwister²
* Find out about why 3D Visualization matters with Paul Salvini (Chief
Technology Officer, Side Effects Software)
* How to visualize your data in non-traditional ways to do better science
with Christopher Collins (Assistant Professor, UoIT)
* Overview sessions on moving past the most elementary visualizations and
large dataset visualization
* Deconstruction sessions of specific visualizations: Taking a compelling
visualization, and breaking down how the scientist constructed it
* Basic Design Bootcamp for Scientists: What do scientists need to know
about graphic design?
* A Panel Discussion on how scientific visualization helps engage the public
including Jay Ingram (Host of Daily Planet, Discovery Channel), Peter
Calamai (Former National Science Reporter, Toronto Star), and Reni Barlow
(Executive Director of Youth Science Canada)
For speaker information and registration, please visit:
Science Illustrated is supported by:
The SciNet Consortium
The Knowledge Media Design Institute
The Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics
The Dean's Student Initiative Fund, Faculty of Arts & Science, University of

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