Reminder of Enrolment Form Deadline: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank you to all students who have already submitted their enrolments forms.

The enrolment form is available at or in the math mail room.

Please note:

1. form must be completed by all students! (exception: IVGRS students)

2. students in PhD Year 2 and beyond must complete the top and bottom parts of section 2 of the form. Students in PhD Year 2 should identify a supervisor.

3. course requests on ROSI are only approved after submission of the enrolment form. This is important for Blackboard access.

4. The drop deadline is MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2012. Please cancel any selection on rosi by this date and follow up with an add/drop form, available in the mail room and on-line at




Welcome and Important Info for Academic Year 2012-13

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students and
a warm welcome back to returning students.

The following information will pertain to all students, returning and
new, and I hope you all take a moment to read the few items below.

1.  We have a new graduate coordinator.  Prof. Dror Bar-Natan left his post
on August 20 and he has been replaced by Professor Almut Burchard. Her
office is located in Room HU1024, 215 Huron St.  She is easily reachable
after her real analysis core class on MWF at 1 pm.  The class takes
place from MWF 12-1 in BA 6183.

2.  If you have not registered yet through rosi or by completing a
fee deferral form, please see me immediately.

3.  Classes commence on Monday, September 10, 2012.

3.  Enrolment forms (due September 19, 2012), available on-line at

and in hard-copy format in the math mailroom (BA 6290A),
must be completed by ALL students, even students not registering in courses.
For students registering in courses, the course requests are made at, followed by submission of the enrolment form
to Ida for course approval.

Please note:

a) if you wish to take a course from another department for degree
credit or non-degree credit, you may need their approval.
To do so, please bring your enrolment form to the other department for their signature
and then return to Ida.

b) if you wish to enrol in an undergraduate course for non-degree credit, please
note that a final grade of less than 70% will be converted to a failing grade for
graduate students. Many undergraduate courses have long waiting lists and it is
suggested you request for such courses as soon as possible.

c) If you need guidance in your selection of courses, please come to see Ida.
There will be a math graduate student orientation session (see further info below)
where faculty members will present their course offerings.

4.  Orientation sessions:

a)  School of Graduate Studies Orientation
    Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 8:45 am - 4:00 pm

b)   Teaching Assistant Orientation (mandatory for all TA's)
     Friday, September 7, 2012, from 1:00 pm, in BA 1130, 40 St. George Street

c)   Math Graduate Student Orientation
     Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 4:10 - 6:00 p.m., in BA 6183
     Pizza and cold drinks will be served in the Math Lounge at 3:30 pm. 
     A visit to a local pub will take place after this event and a free
     beer for all who attend.
     An itinerary will be available soon.

5.   I will not inundate you with further info at this date but will be in touch
     again with important information.  Your attention to this information will
     be much appreciated.

Thanks and I am looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again soon.
, , ,

Two reminders

Two reminders:

If you like to attend the Math Graduate Student Career Event

this Wednesday, May 2nd, please RSVP by noon this Monday at

We will need to know how much food to order.

The deadline to submit your reading and/or research course forms
for master’s projects and summer reading courses is MONDAY, MAY 7th.
The completed forms come to me. Blank forms are available in the

I will be away from the office from Monday, May 14 and will return
on Monday, May 28. If you need any confirmation letters from me, please request
them before I leave. While I am away, Jemima in the main office will
be able to assist you.



, ,

May 7: Deadline to add summer reading course/master’s supervised research project

MONDAY, MAY 7, 2012 is the departmental deadline to add
the master's supervised research project or a summer reading
course to your program.

To do so, please just fill out a reading and/or research course form
with your chosen supervisor/instructor:

I'll leave some hard copies in the mailroom.  The form is returned to me
for departmental approval and for entry on ROSI.  

Master's students who have not yet secured a project supervisor should contact me
or Prof. Bar-Natan for assistance.



Upcoming deadlines, department holiday closure, best wishes for the holidays

Upcoming deadlines:

Deadline to submit 2012-13 on-line graduate school application.

Deadline to request winter term courses on ROSI and to submit
an add form to Ida for approval:

Final date to drop winter session courses without academic penalty.
Please follow up with a drop form:

Master's students will have an opportunity to add their master's
supervised research projects in May.  The deadline is May 11.

Christmas/New Year Closing:

The Department of Mathematics will be closed from 3:00 p.m.
on Tuesday, December 20 and will reopen on Monday, January 2nd.

A memo from the university describing services available during the 
holiday closure is available at

Classes will resume on Monday, January 9th.
Please view the graduate timetable for schedules:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a 
happy, peaceful, and healthy Christmas and Holidays. 

The 2011-12 mathematics graduate course descriptions and
tentative timetable are finally on-line.  The timetable is
still a work in progress.

You can find the descriptions at

and the timetable at

The steps to enrol in courses are as follows      

1.  request course selection on anytime from 
    August 8, 2011 to September 21, 2011.

2.  submit enrolment form (
    to Ida to get requested course(s) approved.  Course selection will be
    approved soon after an enrolment form is received.

3.  If you wish to register in an undergraduate course for non-credit,
    graduate students can start to request from August 11.  Courses are
    first open to the undergraduate student body.  Please note that there
    may be limited enrolment and you may be on a waiting list.  The sooner
    you request undergraduate courses the better; they fill up quickly.

4.  Any courses, graduate or undergraduate, taken from another department
    will require the approval of the other department before math 
    department approval.  Such approval can be obtained on the 
    enrolment form (see item 2. above).

5.  If you need help selecting courses, please contact our graduate
    coordinator, Prof. Dror Bar-Natan, at,
    for advice.

6.  The absolute deadline to obtain course approval is September 26.
    Beyond this date, a petition will be required for School of Graduate

If you have any questions on the above, or any other matters, please
do not hesitate to contact me at

, ,
February 25 (Friday): absolute deadline to drop second (winter) 
                      term courses on ROSI; must be followed up
		      with drop form, available either on the
		      mailroom counter or at

The next important deadline is in May:  May 13 (Friday) to add
summer reading courses or master's projects to your programs.
Students who need advice on seeking an advisor for their
project should come to see me or Prof. Bar-Natan.

Hope you all have a pleasant reading week next week!
, ,
Some important items ...


Please note the following:

1) For students writing the upcoming core course exams,
   the schedule of exams appears on the graduate timetable:

   Not listed yet is the PDE II (MAT 1061HS) exam.

   Students not registered in the course(s), but wish to
   take the exam for partial comprehensive credit, should
   contact me.

   Good luck to all writing!

2) Instructors have been notified to submit their final
   grades for this term's courses on

                     April 30th, 2010

   If you require an extension, completion of a course extension form:
   is required, along with the signatures of
   the instructor and graduate coordinator.
   The deadline to submit an approved form is April 30th.

3) The departmental deadline to enrol in the Master's Supervised
   Research Project and/or individual reading/research course

                May 7th, 2010

   Completion of two forms is required, hard copies will
   be made available in the mailroom:

   Course add/drop form:

   Reading and/or research course form:

   The course number for the master's project is MAT 4000YY.
   I will assign the course number for any reading course.
   I will also be responsible for adding these courses to
   your program on ROSI.

   Please see me if you need advice about securing a master's

4) A reminder to PhD students in Years 2 onwards that their
   PhD progress reports are due on April 15th. If you and
   your supervisor do not think you will meet this deadline,
   please let me know in advance.

Thanks and a good long weekend to all!




JANUARY 15, 2010 is the deadline to request second term courses on ROSI. Please follow up with an add/drop form to be left in my mailbox or dropped off in my office by the same deadline.