Mini Probability Book Sale

I would be very grateful if you could send this message to graduate students
in mathematics and statistics. I have four books for sale in probability, and
these titles may be of some interest to your graduate students.

Depending on the interest, we could schedule a time to meet in Sidney
Smith Hall, just by the Second Cup there.


1. David Williams, Probability with Martingales, $20.00
2. Thomas Mikosch, Elementary Stochastic Calculus, $25.00
3.  Kai Lai Chung, A Course in Probability Theory, $40.00
4. A.N. Shiryaev, Probability, $45.00

Thank you very kindly for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Geoffrey Brown

Books for Sale

Books for sale.

All of them are in perfect condition.

V. Arnold. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics. Springer - $34

S. Albeverio et al. Solvable Models in Quantum Mechanics. AMS Chelsea. - $34

G. Bredon. Topology and Geometry. Springer. - $34

R. Hartshorne. Algebraic Geometry. Springer - $34

Moser and Zehnder. Notes on Dynamical Systems. AMS - $24.

James. Remarkable Mathematicians. Cambridge Univ. Press. $14.


Used Math Books for Sale

Used Books

Artin Algebra $50
Dummit & Foote Abstract Algebra (3rd Ed) $50
Eisenbud Commutative Algebra $25
Garling A Course in Galois Theory $20
Grove Algebra $2
Halmos Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces $20
Knapp Basic Algebra $50
Knapp Advanced Algebra $45
Lang Algebra (Revised 3rd Ed) $40
Matsumura Commutative Ring Theory $35
Reid Undergraduate Commutative Algebra $25
Shilov Linear Algebra $2
Weibel Homological Algebra $35

Bartle The Elements of Integration $20
Bartle The Elements of Real Analysis $25
Benedetto & Czaja Integration and Modern Analysis $40
Bollobas Linear Analysis (2nd Ed) $20
Conway A Course in Functional Analysis (2nd Ed) $35
Gamelin Complex Analysis $35
Greene & Krantz Function Theory of One Complex Variable (3rd Ed) $35
Haaser & Sullivan Real Analysis $2
Knapp Basic Real Analysis $40
Knapp Advanced Real Analysis $30
Lang Analysis II $40
Lang Complex Analysis $35
Morrison Functional Analysis $25
Pedersen Analysis Now $40
Pugh Real Mathematical Analysis $25
Radjavi & Rosenthal Simultaneous Triangulation $25
Rockafellar Convex Analysis $25
Rordam et al K-Theory for C*-algebras $20
Royden Real Analysis (3rd ed) $35
Rudin Principles of Mathematical Analysis (3rd Ed) $45
Rudin Real and Complex Analysis (3rd Ed Hardcover) $70
Tolstov Fourier Analysis $2
Wojtaszczyk Banach Spaces for Analysts $35

Differential Equations
DiBenedetto Partial Differential Equations (2nd Ed) $30
Gelfand & Fomin Calculus of Variations $2
Strogatz Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos $30

Bishop & Goldberg Tensor Analysis on Manifolds $2
Bott & Tu Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology $45
Lee Riemannian Manifolds $40
Lee Intro to Smooth Manifolds $40
Milnor Morse Theory $30
Petersen Riemannian Geometry (2nd Ed) $40
Pressley Elementary Differential Geometry $20
Reid Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry $20
Tu An Introduction to Manifolds $30

Lie Groups
Duistermaat & Kolk Lie Groups $40
Faraut Analysis on Lie Groups $40
Knapp Lie Groups Beyond and Introduction (2nd Ed) $45
Knapp Semisimple Lie Groups $45

Statistics and Probability
Deift Orthogonal Polynomials and Random Matrices $30
Deift & Gioev Random Matrix Theory $30
Hogg, McKean & Craig Intro to Mathematical Statistics (6th Ed) $60
Klenke Probability Theory: A Comprehensive Course $40
Milton & Arnold Intro to Probability and Statistics $40
Rosenthal A First Look at Rigorous Probability Theory $20
Schay Intro to Prob and Stat with Stat Apps $20
Shiryaev Probability (2nd Ed) $50
Weiss A Course in Probability $50

Edwards Pascal's Arithmetical Triangle $4
Havil Gamma: Exploring Euler's Constant $4
Walecka Introduction to General Relativity $25
If you are in search of mathematical
monographs and textbooks for your own personal and/or academic use,
please consider visiting the following website run by a
former student Alexander Markos:

His inventory consists primarily of titles in algebra, topology,
geometry and mathematical physics.
Dear University of Toronto Mathematics and Statistics Departments:

I would be much obliged to you if you could forward this message to
the University of Toronto Graduate Students in your Departments. I
have quite a number of mathematics and statistics texts for sale. The
books are in excellent condition and are offered at very good prices.
Depending on the interest, I may schedule a book sale session at a
table in Sidney Smith Hall on the first floor, right by the Second Cup

Here are the books that I have for sale:


1. A Graduate Course in Probability; Howard G. Tucker; $10.00
2. Studies in Probability Theory; Murray Rosenblatt, editor; $6.00
3. Probability Essentials; Jean Jacod & Philip Protter; $12.00
4. Approximating Countable Markov Chains; David Freedman; $5.00
5. Probability; A.N. Shiryaev; $45.00
6. The Theory of Branching Processes; Theodore Harris; $5.00
7. Probability with Martingales; David Williams; $20.00
8. A First Look at Rigorous Probability Theory; Jeffrey Rosenthal;$12.00
9. Green, Brown, and Probability...; K.L. Chung; $10.00


1. Random Processes; Rosenblatt; $12.00
2. Cycle Representations of Markov Processes; Kalpazidou; $5.00
3. Stochastic Differential Equations; Oksendal; $20.00
4. Introduction to Stochastic Integration; Chung and Williams; $30.00
5. The Self Avoiding Walk; Madras and Slade; $25.00
6. Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus; Karatzas & Shreve; $30.00
7. Stochastic Processes; Doob; $60.00


1. Famous Problems; Klein et al; $5.00
2. Contests in Higher Mathematics; Gabor Szekely; $25.00


1. Abstract Algebra; Dummit & Foote; $30.00
2. Topics in Algebra; I.N. Herstein; $15.00


1. Differential Equations; Esser; $5.00
2. Method of Moments in Applied Mathematics; Vorobyev; $10.00
3. Elements of Information Theory; Cover & Thomas; $45.00
4. Mathematics for the Physical Sciences; Wilf; $12.00


1. Studies in Modern Analysis; MAA series; $6.00
2. Principles of Mathematical Analysis; Rudin; $35.00
3. Principles of Functional Analysis; Schechter; $40.00
4. Basic Complex Analysis; Marsden & Hoffman; $25.00
5. Analysis on Manifolds; Munkres; $30.00
6. Vector Calculus; Marsden & Tromba; $25.00
7. Foundations of Analysis; Belding & Mitchell; $25.00
8. Complex Variables; Schaum's series; $8.00


1. Elements of Number Theory; Vinogradov; $6.00
2. Recreations in the Theory of Numbers; Beiler; $8.00
3. Fermat's Last Theorem; H.M. Edwards; $25.00
4. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers; Hardy & Wright; $35.00
5. Recent Perspectives in Random Matrix Theory and Number Theory;
    Mezzadri & Snaith; $35.00


1. Mathematica; Schaum's series; $10.00

Thank you very much for distributing this list to interested graduate
students, who are free to contact me with their choices by email.

Sincerely yours,