I look forward to seeing you all this fall.  

Classes will commence on Monday, September 10, 2012, but the week
prior is an important week with various orientation sessions
and sittings of the mathematics PhD comprehensive exams in
analysis, algebra, and topology.  
I'll keep you posted about the various events as dates,
times and locations become available.

At this point I need all students who are interested in 
working as a TA, including the students who have a TA-ship
as part of their offers, to fill out a TA application form.
The form is available at


and the deadline is Friday, June 22, 2012.

Only students coming as International Visiting Graduate Students through
the IVGRS program should submit a copy of their academic transcripts
with their application.  All other incoming students are not required
to submit their transcripts.

The 2012-13 mathematics graduate course offerings are listed at


The tentative timetable is here:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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SGS Conference Grant – Winter 2012 (opens March 26th)


The SGS Conference Grant is intended to encourage doctoral-stream students to present their research at a regional, national or international conference or equivalent academic event.

Competition timing

The winter SGS Conference Grant Application will be available on-line from March 26th to April 6th. The winter competition is intended to support conferences that will take place between March 1, 2012 – September 30, 2012. The fall 2012 competition will be announced near the end of summer and is intended to assist with conferences taking place between September 2012  – March 2013. 


  • Application opens to students: March 26th
  • Application closes to students: April 6th
  • Application closes to supervisors: April 13th


The value will be based on the event’s registration-fee (at the student-rate) as well as a pre-determined amount based on the location of the event. Preference will be given to applicants who are in the early stage of their academic program, have not previously attended a conference during their current program and/or who have not previously received an SGS Conference Grant.  The SGS Conference Grant is not intended to be the principal source of funding.  Applicants are expected to seek funding from other sources, and must list other resources that will or may be used to support their conference attendance.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be:

  • Doctoral-stream (M.A, MA.Sc., M.Sc., PhD (including flexible-time option PhD), or in a professional masters program leading to a doctoral degree, and professional Doctoral programs (SJD, DMA, Ed.D. )
  • Registered full-time at the time of application
  • Registered full time at the time of conference attendance
  • An active participant (e.g. speaker,  poster presenter, member of a panel or round table) in a conference (or other academic meeting) relevant to their academic program
  • In good standing as defined by their graduate unit


Applicants need not have received confirmation of their participation in the conference at the time of application


The SGS Conference Grant application is only available online and is accessible from the SGS Website. Both the applicant and the Supervisor/Advisor will be required to enter their UTORid and password in order to access the application.


Applicants will be asked for the following information:

  • Supervisor/Advisor contact information
  • Details of the conference or academic event (title, location, registration fee at the student-rate, URL)
  • Details regarding the presentation of research (title, etc)
  • Previous conferences in which they have presented their research during their current program
  • Potential other sources of funding that may be available to support this conference attendance



Successful and unsuccessful applicants will receive notification by email in May 2012 regarding the result of their application.


Payment to Successful Applicants:

Successful applicants are required to submit the following documentation to initiate  payment of the grant.

  • Proof of conference registration payment
  • Proof of conference attendance and active involvement


For all questions regarding this competition, visit the SGS Website or email us at conferencegrant@sgs.utoronto.ca.

Best Regards,

Tara Lock

Awards Officer, Internal

Graduate Awards Office

School of Graduate Studies

University of Toronto

Room 202 – 63 St. George Street

Toronto, Ontario  M5S 2Z9

Tel:  (416) 978-2386

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Call for applications: Let’s Talk Science Summer Camp

Dear science and engineering graduate students,

The Let’s Talk Science Outreach Program at the University of Toronto
St. George campus would like to announce that they will be partnering
with Sandy Lake First Nation to run a science camp in July 2012.
Please see below for more information on the program
and the application process.

Questions should be directed to lts....@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Julie Mason and Shannan Grant
Let’s Talk Science Sandy Lake Summer Camp Coordinators

Call for Applications
Let’s Talk Science Sandy Lake Summer Camp 2012
The Let’s Talk Science Outreach Program at U of T St. George would like to announce that they will be partnering with Sandy Lake First Nation to run a science camp in July 2012. Our first Sandy Lake Summer Camp (2011) was a huge success. A story about last year’s event can be found here http://www.news.utoronto.ca/let%E2%80%99s-talk-science-st-george-heads-north-science-camp
Last summer our major focus was on nutrition and diabetes. This year we have been asked by the community to cover this topic again, however, we have also been asked to include other scientific disciplines/ topics in camp 2012 content. Applications will be open to Let’s Talk Science Volunteers at the St. George Campus, University of Toronto, that are studying under the following disciplines: Earth Sciences (Ecology, Environmental and Botany), Engineering, Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) and Information Technology.
Two to three volunteers will be chosen to participate in the camp curriculum development and testing and to travel to Sandy Lake for camp implementation. Additional details of what will be expected of successful applications will be included in a meeting that will be schedule by March 15, 2012. Applications are due April 1, 2012 and successful applicants will be notified by May 1, 2012. Please submit all applications with signatures intact (as 1 PDF file) to lts.sandylake.2012@gmail.com.
All applicants interested in travelling to Sandy Lake will be required to:
● Be a registered Let’s Talk Science volunteer. ***The Let’s Talk Science portal system has changed this year so you must be on the most up to date portal.
● Have completed a minimum of 3 outreach activities through Let’s Talk Science between 2009-2012.
● Hold a degree in or are currently studying: Earth Sciences (Ecology, Environmental and Botany), Engineering, Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) or Information Technology.
● Have experience working with Aboriginal peoples and/or communities (not mandatory, but desired)
● Have experience working with children (ages 4 +) and youth.
● Submit a letter of intent, updated CV and 2 reference letters. Community/ volunteer reference should make up at least 1 reference.
A separate application process will be outlined for Let’s Talk Science volunteers from disciplines not outlined above who are interested in Toronto-based program planning and implementation support. Notice for this call for applications will be sent out in mid-March.
Please note that volunteer travel is dependent on fundraising, therefore, the final number of volunteers travelling cannot be confirmed at this time.
If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us at lts.sandylake.2012@gmail.com .


Mathematical Modeling in Industry: June 18-27 in Calgary

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Alejandro Adem
Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Subject: [cmath] Mathematical Modeling in Industry: June 18-27 in Calgary
To: cma...@cms.math.ca

**Opportunity for Canadian graduate students**

Mathematical Modeling in Industry

June 18 – June 27, 2012 at the University of Calgary

PIMS in collaboration with IMA and with the participation of
CIMAT (Mexico) is holding a 10-day workshop on Mathematical
Modeling in Industry. A proposal for funding from Mprime is

The workshop is designed to provide graduate students and
qualified advanced undergraduates from North America with first
hand experience in industrial research.

Students will work in teams of up to 6 students under the
guidance of a mentor from industry. The mentor will help guide
the students in the modeling process, analysis and computational
work associated with a real-world industrial problem. A progress
report from each team will be scheduled during the period. In
addition, each team will be expected to make an oral final
presentation and submit a written report at the end of the
10-day period.

Students will be selected through a competitive process. The
application deadline is **March 25, 2012**

Please see


for details.

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Math Department Lockers

The Math Department has just acquired 18 lockers
of varying sizes which are located in the math department computer room
(Room BA 6200). These lockers are available to current, registered 
math graduate students and to other department members at a 
need/availability basis. Access to these lockers requires a 
departmental FOB to enter the computer room.

Lockers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. To 
obtain a locker assignment, you must complete the 
application/agreement form found on the Math Department Graduate website, 
http://www.math.toronto.edu/cms/current-students-grad/, under Forms 
and Resources, and send the completed form to grad-info@math.toronto.edu 
or returned to the Math Grad Office, BA 6166.
Due to the limited amount of lockers, only one locker will be allowed 
per student. Lockers are rented out on a yearly basis.

The rental fees are as follows:
1. $20 for a small locker (approx. 11"Wx17"Dx12"H)
2. $40 for a half-locker (approx. 11"Wx17"Dx36"H)
3. $60 for a full locker (approx. 11"Wx17"Dx72"H)

You may pay only with cash and you may keep the lock at the end of the 
rental period.
TA applications for the Fall/Spring 2011-2012 sessions are 
due Friday June 24th, 2011.  Applications have been placed
in the mailboxes of the current students.  If you are not in the local 
area, you can find a copy of the application here:


Please note, you have to be a registered student in September to be 
eligible to apply.  If you will be a registered student in the Fall 
and are not interested in holding a TA position, you are still 
required to make a note of this on the application form and submit it. 

All graduate students are NOT required to attach a transcript.

Please submit all applications to Patrina Seepersaud at the front 
desk; you can also place it in her mailbox or email it to: 

Thank you.

-Department of Mathematics
, , ,

The University has just announced the deadline for the Doctoral Completion
Award for 2011-2012 to be April 27. We have been informed that late
applications will not be considered.

In order to meet the university’s deadline, we have set the departmental
deadline to

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011, 12 noon

This deadline is for both the student and the supervisor.

*** All current PhD4 students who are expecting to register in 2011-12
will be required to submit an application if they wish to be considered
for departmental funding, including TA-ships, and instructorships. ***

The number of awards to be assigned is not known yet. The award has a
value of $10,000 plus a tuition fee waiver (domestic or international).




DCA Student Application:

Please also attach a C.V. (not more than 3 pages).  The graduate office
will supply the required ROSI printout of transcript and a copy of the
last supervisory committee meeting report.


DCS Supervisor’s Evaluation:

In addition, supervisors are required to help in the department’s
recommendation form (please see attached).  Specifically, the following
parts of the form must be filled out by the supervisor (though they will
be edited later by the department):

1. Comments in support of the applicant’s academic merit and
quality of research.
2. Comments in support of the financial resources available to
support the applicant.
3. Comments in support of any unusual requirements of the
research that needed extended time or unforeseen events in
the research program that delayed its completion.
4. Overall comments in support of the applicant.

Hard copies of the application and recommendation form will be placed
in your mailboxes.

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---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: [Caims-list] Mathematical Modeling in Industry-A Workshop for
Graduate Students
From:    "Abba Gumel" <gumelab@cc.umanitoba.ca>
Date:    Mon, March 14, 2011 9:31 am
To:      caims-list@lists.umanitoba.ca

*Opportunity for Graduate Students from Canada (by Ian Frigaard (UBC))*

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) and the
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) are jointly
organizing the following industrial training event which is open to
students from all over Canada:

Mathematical Modeling in Industry - A Workshop for Graduate Students

Location/Dates: at the IMA in Minneapolis, USA on August 3-12, 2011

The workshop is designed to provide graduate students and qualified
advanced undergraduates with first hand experience in industrial
research. Space is limited and applications will be considered on a
competitive basis. The deadline is *April 30, 2011*. Students must
apply online, the website with full information is available at

, ,
St. George summer TA applications have been placed in their mailboxes.
The application deadline is Friday, April 1.

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The Azrieli Foundation is delighted to continue its funding opportunity
for post-doctoral researchers in Israel.

The Azrieli Fellows Program welcomes the best and brightest scholars
from Canada, who wish to undertake postdoctoral research in Israel.
Scholars may pursue research in any field of study. Applicants must be
Canadian citizens or have completed a doctorate at a Canadian university.

The fellowships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence.
Candidates are assessed by leading experts and academics for their
potential to make cutting-edge contributions to their respective fields.
Aspects of personal merit and leadership abilities are also taken into

For more information and to apply, please visit our website at
<http://www.azrielifoundation.org/fellows> .


Rochelle Avitan
Program Manager
The Azrieli Fellows Program
Phone: 03-6081466; 054-5608106
Email: rochelle@azrielifoundation.org
, ,