Students, who are not registered in a core course but wish to
take a core course exam for partial
PhD comprehensive exam credit, should let me know immediately!

Please note that I have updated the grad timetable with the
schedule of this semester's grad course final exams.  

Nonetheless, here is the schedule:

MAT 1000HF - Real Analysis I
Friday, December 17, 2010, 9 am - 12 noon, in BN 3,
Upper Small Gymnasium, Benson Building, 320 Huron St., 3rd Floor

MAT 1060HF - PDE I
Friday, December 10, 2010, 10 am - 2 pm, in BA 2135, 40 St. George St.

MAT 1100HF - Algebra I
Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 10 am - 1 pm, in BA 6183, 40 St. George St.

MAT 1300HF - Topology I
Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 2 - 5 pm, in BA 6183, 40 St. George St.

MAT 1723HF - Quantum Mechanics
Monday, December 20, 2010, 9 am - 12 noon, in BR200,
Brennan Hall, St. Michael's College, 81 St. Mary St.

Good luck to all writing!
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From: Alison Conway <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 14:28:17 -0400
To: <>
Cc: Pamela Brittain <>
Subject: 2010 Fields Medallist CEDRIC VILLANI Public Lecture November 1

Dear Professors Murty and Wong,

Fields will be hosting Cedric Villani's visit to Toronto  including a Public
Lecture on November 1.  As his lecture may be of great interest to your
students would you please forward the announcement below to your colleagues
and students
Please note that as space is limited attendees must register in advance.

With thanks,


2010 Fields Medallist, CEDRIC VILLANI will be presenting a Public Lecture
Monday, November 1, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. 'What is the fate of the solar system?

Admission is free, but on-line registration is required at

Registration will be open  October 26  but will close once room capacity has
been reached. After on-line registration, you should pick up your tickets
**before 4:45 p.m.** on November 1, Room 1160, Bahen Centre, 40 St. George

Please note that seating is not reserved.

Alison E. Conway   | Manager of Scientific Programs
FIELDS INSTITUTE | 222 College St, Toronto, M5T 3J1
Wednesday, November 10, 2010,  9:00 - 9:50 a.m., in BA 6183, 40 St. George Street

PhD Candidate:  Jakub Jasinski

PhD Advisor:  Stevo Todorcevic

Thesis Title:   Hrushovski and Ramsey Properties of Classes of Finite Inner Product
Structures, Finite Euclidean Metric Spaces, and Boron Trees

Thesis Abstract:

We look at two combinatorial properties of classes of finite    
structures, as well as related applications to topological dynamics. Using
the Hrushovski property of classes of finite structures -- a finite
extension property of homomorphisms -- we can show the existence of ample
generics. For example, Solecki proved the existence of ample generics in  
the context of finite metric spaces that do indeed possess this extension
property. Furthermore, the Ramsey property of Fraisse classes of finite   
structures implies that the automorphism group of the Fraisse limit of    
this class is extremely amenable, i.e., it possesses a very strong fixed  
point property.

Gromov and Milman had shown that the unitary group of the
infinite-dimensional separable Hilbert space is extremely amenable using
non-combinatorial methods. This result encourages a deeper look into
structural Euclidean Ramsey theory, i.e., Euclidean Ramsey theory in which
we colour more than just points. In particular, we look at complete finite
labelled graphs whose vertex sets are subsets of the Hilbert space and    
whose labels correspond to the inner products. This leads to a Ramsey
result for linearly ordered metric subspaces of sufficiently orthogonal sets. We also
construct Ramsey and Hrushovski classes of metric spaces corresponding to
spreads used by Matousek and Rodl in their paper on colouring points in   

The square root of the metric induced by the distance between vertexes in
graphs produces a metric space embeddable in a Euclidean space if and only  
if the graph is a metric subgraph of the Cartesian product of three types
of graphs. These three are the half-cube graphs, the so-called cocktail
party graphs, and the Gosset graph. We show that the class of metric
spaces which correspond to half-cube graphs -- metric spaces on sets with
the symmetric difference metric -- satisfies the Hrushovski property up to 3
points but not more. Moreover, the amalgamation in this class can be too   
restrictive to permit the Ramsey Property.

Finally, following the work of Fouche we compute the Ramsey degrees of
structures induced by the leaf sets of boron trees. Also, we briefly show
that this class does not satisfy the full Hrushovski property. Fouche's
trees are in fact related to ultrametric spaces, as was observed by Lionel
Nguyen van The. We augment Fouche's concept of orientation so that it
applies to these boron tree structures. The lower bound computation of the
Ramsey degree in this case, turns out to be an asymmetric version of the
Graham-Rothschild theorem. Finally, we extend these structures to oriented
ones, yielding a Ramsey class and a corresponding Fraisse limit whose
automorphism group is extremely amenable.

Deza, M.; Laurent, M. Geometry of Cuts and Metrics, Springer (1996).      
Fouche, W. L. Symmetries and Ramsey properties of trees, Discrete
Mathematics 197/198 (1999) 325--330.
Fraisse, R. Theory of Relations, Elsevier, (2000) Rev. ed.
Gromov, M.; Milman V.D. A topological application of the isoperimetric    
inequality, Amer. J. Math. 105 (1983), 843--854.
Hrushovski, E. Extending partial isomorphisms of graphs, (English summary)
Combinatorica 12 (1992), no. 4, 411--416.
Herwig B.; Lascar, D. Extending partial automorphisms and the profinite   
topology on free groups, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 352 (1999), 19852021.   
Kechris, A. S.; Pestov, V. G.; Todorcevic, S. Fraisse limits, Ramsey  
theory, and topological dynamics of automorphism groups, Geom. Funct.
Anal. 15 (2005), no. 1, 106--189.
Kechris, A.; Rosendal, C. Turbulence, Amalgamation, and Generic
automorphisms of Homogeneous Structures, Proc. Lond. Math. Soc. (3) 94    
(2007), no. 2, 302--350.
Matousek, J.; Rodl, V. On Ramsey sets in spheres, Journal of Combinatorial
Theory, Series A Volume 70, Issue 1, (April, 1995), Pages 30-44.
Nesetril, J. Ramsey Theory, Handbook of Combinatorics (R. Graham, et al.,
eds.), Elsevier (1995), 1331--1403 (1363).
Nguyen Van The, L. Ramsey degrees of finite ultrametric spaces,
ultrametric Urysohn spaces and dynamics of their isometry groups, European
J. Combin. 30 (2009), no. 4, 934--945.
Solecki, S. Extending partial isometries, Israel J. Math. 150 (2005),   

Everyone welcome.  Coffee will be served in the Math Lounge before the exam.
The Math Union at the University of Toronto invites you to a panel
discussion on mathematical finance. Guests include Prof. Alan White of
Rotman, Prof. Sebastian Jaimungal from the Dept. of Statistics, Prof. Yuri
Lawryshyn from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Chad McAlpine, VP of
Quantitative Research at RBC. 

No prior experience is needed as we will be focusing on broad topics in the
industry. Whether you are looking for career advice or trade advice, the
experts are sure to have an opinion. Come ready with your questions!

Please RSVP on our Facebook page - Math Union Colloquium - Mathematical

Also see the poster in the link below:

Date- Friday, October 22
Time- 4:30pm
Place- BA1130

Refreshments will be provided

The Azrieli Foundation is delighted to continue its funding opportunity
for post-doctoral researchers in Israel.

The Azrieli Fellows Program welcomes the best and brightest scholars
from Canada, who wish to undertake postdoctoral research in Israel.
Scholars may pursue research in any field of study. Applicants must be
Canadian citizens or have completed a doctorate at a Canadian university.

The fellowships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence.
Candidates are assessed by leading experts and academics for their
potential to make cutting-edge contributions to their respective fields.
Aspects of personal merit and leadership abilities are also taken into

For more information and to apply, please visit our website at
<> .


Rochelle Avitan
Program Manager
The Azrieli Fellows Program
Phone: 03-6081466; 054-5608106
, ,
Description: Whether you are preparing for a graduate seminar, an academic
conference, a job talk or a thesis defence, this workshop is designed to help you
improve your oral presentation skills. Topics discussed will include overcoming
nervousness, structuring your presentation, designing effective visual support and
handling questions.

Place and Time:  Wednesday, October 13,  5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Bissell Building, 140
St. George St., Room 205

This free workshop is presented by the School of Graduate Studies' Office of English
Language and Writing Support and requires no prior registration to attend.
Complete listings for all upcoming SGS/English Language and Writing Support
Workshops and Non-Credit Courses can be found on our website:<blocked::blocked::>.
Get Weekly updates on all ELWS workshops and courses by subscribing to our listserv:<blocked::blocked::>

Reminder:  Registration is now open for our October-November course offerings.
Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 12:10 - 1:00 p.m.,
in BA 1200, 40 St. George Street

PhD Candidate:  Leonid Shartser

PhD Advisor:  Pierre Milman

Thesis Title:  De Rham Theory and Semialgebraic Geometry

Thesis Abstract:

The thesis consists of six chapters and deals with four topics related to
De Rham Theory on semialgebraic sets.
The first topic deals with a proof of Poincare type inequality for
differential forms on compact manifolds. We prove the latter inequality
by means of a constructive 'globalization' method of a local Poincare
inequality on convex sets.
The second topic is a construction of a Lipschitz deformation retraction
on a neighborhood of a point in a semialgebraic set with estimates on its
derivatives. Such a deformation retraction is the key to the results of
the remaining two topics.
The third topic deals with L^\infty cohomology on semialgebraic sets. We
introduce smooth L^\infty differential forms on a singular
space X in R^n.  Roughly speaking, a smooth L^\infty differential form is
collection of smooth forms on disjoint smooth subsets (stratification)
of X with matching tangential components on the adjacent strata and
bounded size (in the metric induced from R^n). We identify the singular
homology of X as the homology of the chain
complex generated by semialgebraic singular simplices, i.e. continuous
semialgebraic maps from the standard simplices into X.
Singular cohomology of X is defined as the homology of the Hom dual to the
chain complex of the singular chains. Finally, we prove a De Rham type theorem
establishing a natural isomorphism between the singular cohomology and the
cohomology of smooth L^\infty forms.
The last topic is related to Poincare inequality on a semialgebraic set.
We study Poincare type L^p inequality on a compact semialgebraic subset of
R^n for p >> 1. First we derive a local inequality by using a Lipschitz
deformation retraction with estimates on its derivatives. Then, we extend
the local inequality to a global inequality by employing a technique developed 
in the first topic. As a consequence we obtain an isomorphism between 
L^p cohomology and singular cohomology of a normal compact semialgebraic set.

Dean's Student Initiative Fund

The Dean's Student Initiative Fund has been established to provide financial support
for student initiatives that aspire to create dialogue and foster a greater sense of
community through special events, lectures, or other forms of community engagement.
This competition is open to undergraduate or graduate Faculty of Arts & Science
students or student groups.

There two competions per year - the deadline for the first competion is November 1,
2010 at 5:00 p.m. For eligibility criteria and application details, please visit

Dean's Student Leadership Award

The Dean's Student Leadership Award recognizes an Arts & Science student who has
played a significant leadership role in his or her extracurricular activities and in
so doing has had a demonstrable impact on improving the quality of student
experience at the University of Toronto. This award is open to any undergraduate or
graduate student who is currently enrolled in a degree program in the Faculty of
Arts & Science.
If you know someone you would like to nominate, please visit
The application deadline is December 15, 2010, at 5:00 p.m.

, ,
Thursday, October 14, 2010, 12:10 - 1:00 p.m.,
in BA 2135 40 St. George Street

PhD Candidate:  Alan Lai

PhD Advisor:  Eckhard Meinrenken

Thesis Title:  On the JLO Character and Loop Quantum Gravity

Thesis Abstract:  (viewable in thesis link above)

Everyone welcome.  Refreshments will be served in Math Lounge
before exam.

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
(NSERC) provides excellent funding for postgraduate (PGS) programs.
There are restrictions and all rules and regulations can be obtained
by visiting the NSERC website
(  ).


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2010:  complete printed application and
official transcripts to be submitted to Ida, Math Graduate Office,
BA 6166, 40 St. George Street, and referees' reports on applicants
submitted electronically to NSERC


St. George Campus:  Thursday, September 16, 2010
NSERC & OGS: 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design,
230 College St., Auditorium

UTSC Campus: Tuesday, September 21
NSERC & OGS: 10:10 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
Room AA160, New Council Chambers (Arts & Administration Building)

UTM Campus: Wednesday, September 22
NSERC & OGS: 10:10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Room 3129, South Building (SB)

The application process for Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS) programs
has moved to a fully electronic submission system.  Though fully
electronic, the applicant must still submit paper copies of their
application and official paper transcripts to the department (Ida)

NSERC has indicated that by early September, recorded tutorials
with voice over will be available on their website.

The application is available at the NSERC website:

Once the application is completed and verified, the student will
click on the "Submit" button.

The process for referees (2) to be invited and complete their
reports is electronic.  Applicants will be asked to provide the
name and e-mail address of the two individuals they have selected
to complete the report.  The referee's submission deadline is

Official paper transcripts must be sent to Ida in the Math Graduate
Office, who will have the responsibility of uploading the
scanned, official and up-to-date transcripts to the application.
The deadline is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6TH. Applicants must also
identify Ida as the University Designate so that she will receive
the appropriate invitation from NSERC to upload the transcript(s):

University Designate:        Ida Bulat ;

Please follow all instructions carefully and make sure that the
deadline is met.  Should you have any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact me (, 416-978-7894).

Thanks and good luck!

P.S. Information on the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program
will be sent out as soon as official notification is received from
SGS.  We have set the OGS departmental deadline to Wednesday,
October 13th.
, ,