Thursday, July 29, 2021
1:00 p.m. (sharp)

PhD Candidate:  Ivan Telpukhovskiy
Supervisor:   Kasra Rafi
Thesis title: On the geometry of the Thurston metric on Teichmüller spaces: geodesics
that disobey an analogue of Masur’s criterion


We construct a counterexample for an analogue of Masur’s criterion in the setting
of Teichmüller space with the Thurston metric. For that, we find a minimal, filling,
non-uniquely ergodic lamination λ on the seven-times punctured sphere with uniformly bounded annular projection distances. Then we show that a geodesic in the
corresponding Teichmüller space that converges to λ, stays in the thick part for the
whole time.

A copy of the thesis can be found here: ivan-telpukhovskiy-thesis-draft-1


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