2017 Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Over the last few years, the generosity of faculty, alumni and friends of the Department have allowed us to create a number of significant scholarships to support graduate students. This year’s winners are listed below.

1) The Inaugural Ida Bulat Memorial Graduate Fellowship:

Mykola Matviichuk (student of Marco Gualtieri)

2) Vivekananda Graduate Scholarship for International students:

Leonid Monin (student of Askold Khovanskii)

3) Canadian Mathematical Society Graduate Scholarship:

Alexander Mangerel (student of John Friedlander)

4) Coxeter Graduate Scholarship:

Evan Miller (student of Robert McCann)

5) International Graduate Student Scholarship:

Ivan Telpukhovskiy (student of Kasra Rafi)

6) Margaret Isobel Elliott Graduate Scholarship:

Yvon Verberne (student of Kasra Rafi)

7) Irving Kaplansky Scholarship:

Selim Tawfik (student of Eckhard Meinrenken)

Please join me in congratulating all of them on their work and extending our best wishes for continued success.





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