The Department of Mathematics invites nominations for the


See poster: Atkinson_Award

This prize, awarded for the fourth time this year, honors outstanding teaching by post-doctoral fellows and other junior research faculty not on the tenure track. It is named in memory of former chair Frederick Atkinson, “friend to many, scholar, enthusiastic teacher and gifted researcher” [Angelo Mingarelli, Math. Nachr. 278, 2005].

Inspiring accounts of his work and life can be found on:

Previous winners are
Marina Chugunova (2010),
Magdalena Czubak, Brian Smithling (2011),
Steven Rayan (2012),
Oded Yacobi, Jesse Gell-Redman (2013)

Nominations can be made by individuals or groups, and should be sent by e-mail or in writing to

Almut Burchard,
CC to Donna Birch,
and Eckhard Meinrenken,

no later than


Please explain briefly

* your reasons for the nomination; (what is special about the nominee’s classes ?)

* your relevant interactions with the nominee; (e.g., as current/former student, supervisor, or colleague)

* the course and year on which your assessment is based. (Courses may be at any level but should
have taken place on the St. George Campus.)

Below you will find a list of eligible postdoctoral fellows. Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions. If your favourite instructors do not appear on this list, they may be eligible instead for the DeLury Award (for graduate students), or the Arts & Science Outstanding Teaching Award.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Almut Burchard

ELIGIBLE POSTDOCS (2014, in alphabetical order)

Amir-Khosravi, Zavosh
Athavale, Prashant
Belotto, Andre
Cho, Sungmun
Dodd, Christopher

El Smaily, Mohammad
Garcia-Raboso, Alberto
Golmakher, Leo
Hoell, Nicholas
Huang, Jing-Jing
Kent, Curtis

Kitagawa, Jun
Lein, Max
Lim, Meng Fai
Muthiah, Dinakar
Ortmann, Janosch

Park, Choi
Penneys, David
Pro, Curtis
Rennet, Alex
Samuelson, Peter

Santiago, Luis
Seis, Christian
Shao, Arick
Shelly, Claire
Shen, Xin

Soloviev, Fedor
Song, Yanli
Tyros, Konstantinos
Vera Pacheco, Franklin
Wang, Qingyun
Zong, Ying


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