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From: Jessica St-James <commsp@cms.math.ca>
Date: 2012/7/13
Subject: [cmath] Special opportunity for junior Canadian number theorists / Occasion privilégiée pour les jeunes théoriciens des nombres canadiens
To: cmath@cms.math.ca

Special opportunity for junior Canadian number theorists

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS), in partnership with the Tutte Institute for Mathematics and Computing (TIMC), intends to stage an additional Number Theory session as part of the upcoming 2012 CMS Winter meeting, on Thursday, December 6th and Friday December 7th, 2012.

Presentations on all aspects of Number Theory are welcomed.  TIMC is particularly interested in graduate student and postdoctoral participation by Canadian mathematicians, and some presentations at the special session may lead to intern research opportunities with TIMC.  Participants in this special session may be offered some travel and accommodation funding.

Anyone interested in making a presentation at this supplementary special session should send a proposal (in pdf files) to CMS.NumberTheory.2012@gmail.com by August 30th, 2012 which should consist of:

  • An abstract of their intended presentation put in the context of their research interests (no more than 100 words);
  • A brief CV (no more than two pages); and
  • A brief supporting letter from a research supervisor or research mentor, which must be sent separately with the candidate‘s name on the subject line).


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