Everyone welcome. Refreshments will be served in the Math Lounge before the exam.

Monday, May 14, 2012, 2:10 p.m., in BA 6183, 40 St. George Street

PhD Candidate:  Kam-Fai Tam

PhD Advisor:    James Arthur

Thesis Title:  Transfer relations in essentially tame local Langlands correspondence

Thesis Abstract:

Let $F$ be a non-Archimedean local field and $G$ be the general
linear group $GL_n$ over $F$.  Bushnell and Henniart described the
essentially tame local Langlands correspondence of $G(F)$ using
rectifiers, which are certain characters defined on tamely ramified
elliptic maximal tori of $G(F)$. They obtained such result by studying
the automorphic induction character formula. We relate this formula
with the spectral transfer character formula, based on the theory of
twisted endoscopy of Kottwitz, Langlands and Shelstad. The two
main results in this article are

(i) to show that the automorphic induction character formula is equal
to the spectral transfer character formula under the same
Whittaker normalization and

(ii) to express the essentially tame local Langlands correspondence
using the admissible embeddings constructed by Langlands-Shelstad
$\chi$-data, and to express the rectifiers of Bushnell-Henniart
by certain endoscopic transfer factors.


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