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To all those who share a passion for math! Registration is now open for the 2012 Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (CUMC), which is being held at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus from July 11th to 15th.

If you have not heard of the CUMC before, now is your opportunity to get on board with Canada’s premier undergraduate mathematics conference. If you have heard of the CUMC, now is the time to get excited to attend the conference!

The CUMC provides a great experience for undergraduate students, as it gives you a chance to attend a national conference where you can gain confidence in presenting, and it gives you the opportunity to network and share ideas with others who share your passion. The conference strives to bring together the diversity that underlies mathematics, and includes participants from fields as widespread as pure math, applied math, physics, economics, statistics, computer science, mathematical finance, and beyond. Any student in a mathematics related field is invited and encouraged to attend and give a talk.

We hope that you will talk to other students and your professors about this conference and the exciting opportunities it offers for undergraduate students of all levels. We would love to see you and a group of your friends, and maybe even a favorite professor, attend the conference this year. Remember, you are invited to give a talk, but are also welcome to simply attend and learn from others. If you are not involved in research, you’re invited to talk about whatever you are passionate about in regards to mathematics. You may choose to talk about a particular aspect of mathematics that you find interesting, a proof you enjoy working through, a historical aspect of the evolution of mathematics, or any other mathematics topic you wish to share. You will encounter many new topics from these presentations, and will have the opportunity to both give and receive feedback from your peers. The CUMC is a non-competitive forum for building connections between students of all levels and backgrounds and aims for diversity in its presenters. In fact, the three core principles of the conference are bilingualism, non-competitiveness, and regional diversity.

The conference also features renowned keynote speakers from a variety of disciplines. These keynote speakers who are invited to the CUMC are either prominent research figures or rising stars in their fields, and most importantly are people who care about undergraduate students and their exposure to mathematics.

This is the largest conference of its kind in North America, and we hope that you will get involved and join others from across the country. Everyone attending will leave with new experiences, new understanding, new ideas, and a new passion for mathematics!

For further information on the conference, please visit our website at cumc.math.ca or contact us with any questions at cumc.2012@ubc.ca.


The CUMC 2012 Organizing Committee


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