(The Summer School is supported by an NSF Research Training Grant. Support
is restricted to U.S. citizens/permanent residents.  Applications from
international students may be considered, but international students must
provide their own support for travel, accommodation, and meals.)

RTG Summer School on Inverse Problems & Partial Differential Equations
July 2-20, 2012

University of Washington, Seattle

The Research Training Group in the Department of Mathematics at the University of 
Washington will host a summer school for advanced undergraduates and beginning 
graduate students on Inverse Problems & Partial Differential Equations. Students 
will attend lectures in the morning and problem sessions in small groups with 
mentors in the afternoon. On-campus accommodation and meals will be provided, 
plus a travel allowance of up to $600.

Two mini-courses will be given:

Robin Graham, Peter Kuchment, and Leonid Kunyansky: 
The Radon transform and the X-Ray Transform

John Lowengrub, Ami Radunskaya, and Tatiana Toro: 
A mathematical approach to cancer growth

URL: www.math.washington.edu/ipde/summer

Apply online by: April 1.

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